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Which ZAQQ Sneaker is your favourite?

Fancy an upgrade for your feet?

With their simple design, these sneakers go with any outfit and offer you the ultimate ZAQQ comfort! 

Ready to give your feet the freedom and comfort they deserve?

Then check out these styles that can handle everything from a long day at the office to long walks.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.














Sneakers with a suit?

It doesn't always have to be a business shoe with a suit. Our SPARQ Low Black is the best proof of this.

The high-quality, open-pored nappa leather and the attached detail stripes give this barefoot shoe an elegant yet sporty touch. SPARQ can therefore be worn wonderfully in your free time, but also in the office.

If you prefer a more casual look, you can also find SPARQ in other designs and colours.

>> SPARQ <<







Simple elegance with a touch of playfulness

Our PIQUANT barefoot shoe combines simple elegance thanks to its straightforward and clear cut with a touch of playfulness. The comfort leaves nothing to be desired and will inspire you from the very first step!

Now you just need to know how PIQUANT you would like it to be, because you are spoilt for choice from lemon yellow, bright red, sky blue to grey or black. 

PIQUANT is also available in three different materials: vegan, velour and nappa.

>> PIQUANT <<   







Breathable, soft, anti-odour

Walk all day without getting tired or sweaty feet? Our LIQE barefoot shoes make it possible!

The temperature-regulating properties of merino wool keep your feet fresh, dry and odour-free. Forget sweaty feet and enjoy a pleasant foot climate all day long.

LIQE is available in wonderful colours - subtle for every occasion in black or grey or eye-catching in blue, red, purple or green.

>> LIQE <<








Vegan & modern 

QARO is your vegan sneaker that looks modern and elegant at the same time.

You'll love doing your walks in this barefoot shoe. It is so light and comfortable that every walk will be a real pleasure.

You can find QARO in 7 different colours!

>> QARO <<   











Airy with an exciting look

Want something particularly airy? Then QIMBERLY Black is your new barefoot sneaker. With its perforated structure, it is particularly breathable and therefore perfect for summer.

The patent leather on the sides and at the entrance creates an exciting look and perfectly complements the perforated structure of the mesh fabric.

Highly flexible, ultra-thin and yet with light cushioning, you'll walk on the ZAQQ Sneaker Sole like on clouds.

>> QIMBERLY <<   








Walk naturally, look stylish

IVIQ is your ultimate everyday companion. Crafted for urban exploration, these barefoot shoes combine unrivalled comfort with a stylish appearance that complements any outfit.

In a subtle unicolour, they blend seamlessly with your personal style and add a touch of elegance to any look. 

Now all you have to do is decide which of the 6 colours you like best for your IVIQ.

>> IVIQ << 










Sporty-casual or elegant?

Versatile from sporty-casual to elegant - a black sneaker goes with any outfit. 

Whether you have a long day at work ahead of you or are meeting up with friends in the city, our QORE will ensure that you go through the day in style.

But it doesn't always have to be black, because QORE is available in a wide range of colours and even in low, mid and high cut.

>> QORE << 








Airy for sport & summer

With our QNIT, the name says it all.

This vegan knitted shoe made from cotton fabric is simply gorgeous, particularly breathable and therefore the ideal companion on warmer days or for sports.

You can find them in 8 trendy colours!

>> QNIT << 








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