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Vegan shoes - barefoot shoes made from vegan materials

Our vegan, sustainable barefoot shoe collection is growing continuously and the demand shows us that we are exactly right!

Vegan is not just a trend and certainly not just a diet, it's a lifestyle. Anything that comes from animals is not consumed. Foods such as meat, milk or cheese are taboo. However, a vegan lifestyle is not just about diet. Cosmetics that have been tested on animals or contain animal ingredients are also not used. But consumption also extends to clothing. Vegans do not wear anything made of wool, silk or leather. As the number of vegans increases, so does the demand for vegan shoes.

With our vegan barefoot shoes, you can be sure that nothing is of animal origin. Our models listed here are 100% vegan.




Vegan shoes for men and women

When we started focussing on vegan barefoot shoes, we were surprised at what is possible without leather. We admit that we were very sceptical at first - after all, we wanted our shoes to be just as healthy, comfortable and durable as our non-vegan models. 

In the back of our minds, vegan materials had been labelled as artificial, non-breathable and non-durable! After looking into the subject in depth, we are simply thrilled.

We put the various vegan materials through their paces and selected the best ones for our shoes. We now have an impressive selection of vegan barefoot shoes for men and women, and more are being added constantly. Just check back from time to time, we are guaranteed to have the next vegan men's or women's shoe in our product range.

Ballerina-vegan-Damen TWIST Fantasy 

Materials for our vegan shoes

We use various vegan materials for our shoes. You will find detailed information on each model under the respective shoe description.

These are the wonderful fabrics you will find here:

Ökotex 100 fabric

The vegan fabric looks almost like suede and feels very soft and supple. It is also breathable and has an antibacterial surface. The material has been certified by Ökotex 100 and is one of the most ecological, vegan fabrics for shoes. 


Cork has become one of the most popular natural materials in recent years. For our vegan shoes, we use high-quality cork from Portugal, which comes from sustainable production.

Cork is an ideal upper material for shoes because it is breathable, water-repellent and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


Piñatex is made from the cellulose fibre of pineapple leaves, a waste product of the pineapple industry. Normally the leaves are burnt or rot by themselves. 

By producing Piñatex, pineapple farmers have the opportunity to generate additional income from the waste product. 

Piñatex is a particularly sustainable product, as no additional resources such as land, water, electricity or fertilisers are required for its production. 

Piñatex can be used wherever leather is normally used. It is breathable, mouldable and very durable, making it the ideal material for vegan shoes.

Mesh fabric

For our airy summer shoes, we use vegan mesh fabric as the outer material in combination with cotton on the inside. Both are wonderfully breathable and therefore perfect for the warmer days of the year.



Vegan sneakers - your new leisure shoes

Not without my vegan sneakers! Are you one of those people who wear their sneakers from winter to summer? Once you've worn our ZAQQs, you won't want to take them off, they're so comfortable. 

Have you already found your barefoot shoe? If not, you can find a small selection of our vegan and stylish casual shoes here. Take a look further down at our shoes for sport, business and hiking. There you will discover more models for men and women.


QORE Low Vegan White

A white sneaker is a must-have in your shoe wardrobe, especially when it's also vegan! Our QORE is also made from the finest cork, looks absolutely elegant and is super comfortable like all our barefoot shoes.




TIQQ Cork White

Our vegan TIQQ made from cork is slightly darker than the QORE. But it looks just as good in its beige colour. Now you're spoilt for choice! Which one will you choose?



PIQUANT Vegan Brown

Simply chic, stylish and timeless. Our PIQUANT simply always works. The subtle brown colour can be combined with anything. Elegant with trousers to the office or with jeans to a barbecue, our popular sneakers go with everything and harmoniously round off any outfit. You're always well advised with our vegan PIQUANT in a suede look!



PIQUANT Vegan Denim White

Do you love combining jeans with sneakers? Then our PIQUANT in blue is just right for you! They look smart and still bring elegance. Our trainers are proof that vegan shoes can look absolutely modern and stylish.



DUPLEQ Black White Vegan

Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric, your feet will always feel great in our DUPLEQ. The sneaker for all wearers who don't want to see everything in black or white, but prefer to choose the happy medium!



TAQQ Cork Black

Our smart black cork sneaker is love at first sight: Stylish, fresh, super light and simply super comfortable, TAQQ will become your new favourite shoe in no time at all. 



JAQ Vegan Black

Our JAQ is very cosy with its soft vegan material. It shows off its casual side and looks great with jeans, but also goes well for sports.




LUQQ Cork White 

Modern and stylish - our vegan LUQQ is simply an eye-catcher. The light-coloured cork-Piñatex mix with the eye-catching silver-coloured patch gives the mid-cut sneaker a very sophisticated yet extravagant look. A vegan mid-cut sneaker couldn't be more beautiful!



Vegan boots: Chelsea boots

The Beatles loved their Chelsea boots and were out and about in these ankle-high boots whatever the weather. The boot with its typical elasticated inserts was first produced in 1830, back then as a men's boot only. In the 1970s at the latest, they also became a smart style icon among women's boots. 

Chelsea boots can be combined with both casual business outfits and all leisure outfits. They can look very stylish, but also extremely casual. 


EQUITY Pinatex Black

Our vegan Chelsea boot made from Piñatex! It's hard to believe that this wonderful material is made from the fibres of pineapple leaves. It feels incredibly good and is even better to wear. In dark grey and with a black sole, it goes with everything your wardrobe has to offer.



EQUITY Cork Blue

The dark vegan cork boot is discreetly understated to emphasise your outfit without standing out too much. 



EQUITY Cork White

Ankle boots with a summer dress? Boho chic has been on trend for years. Our EQUITY made of cork is casual, but extremely elegant and summery thanks to its light colouring. It goes with all boho dresses and emphasises your style to perfection.



Vegan business shoes

The range of vegan shoes is growing and growing, but business shoes are like looking for a needle in a haystack. We wanted to change that and have produced shoes made from vegan materials that look so stylish that you can also wear comfortable and cruelty-free shoes for business.

Our vegan business shoes are by far the most elegant on the market and we are proud of them!


BRIQ Brogue Vegan Black

Our BRIQs are based on the classic Derby cut. If you look closely, you will even see a heel, which is simply part of the strict business look. It's best to look twice, because this heel doesn't even exist - it's simply notched into the outside of the flat barefoot sole to give the business shoe maximum elegance.



DUQE Vegan Antique Brown

It really doesn't get any more elegant than this! Our George boot can easily keep up with the most elegant business shoes. Its shiny vegan material looks confusingly similar to highly polished smooth leather.



PIQUANT Vegan Cognac

That's brown suede! No, but the Ökotex 100 fabric looks almost exactly the same. Light brown always brings more contrast to your business look and makes you interesting. With this vegan business model, it will never be PIQUANT in the office.



PIQUANT Vegan Black

In black, our PIQUANT can really be worn with all casual business outfits. Once you've put them on and tried them out, you'll want to wear them to the office every day. Lightweight, comfortable and beautiful!



PEAQ Vegan Black

Our PEAQ is a simple low shoe made from matt, vegan material. It can be worn freely with all business-casual outfits.



Vegan shoes for winter

We also wanted to produce vegan, stylish shoes for the colder season. You already have a choice of four different models, but we're sure there will be more shoes before next winter. We are already looking forward to it! So it remains exciting for you! 


PREQUEL Winter Vegan Black


Our Prequel is cut slightly higher and reaches up to the ankle. Its shell is made from Ökotex 100 fabric. Inside, we have sewn in cosy, breathable and antibacterial microfibre fabric. The mid-height shoe keeps your feet nice and warm in winter. Its simple design makes it a comfortable all-rounder for any outfit!


QUINTIC - Your vegan boots

Our QUINTICs are available in three different colours. When the really cold temperatures arrive, you'll be perfectly equipped with these vegan boots. You don't have to compromise on style and comfort, because they look simply gorgeous. The boots are so comfortable that you can wear them not only to the office or for a stroll around town, but also on your hike through the winter wonderland.

QUINTIC Winter Vegan Black



QUINTIC Winter Vegan Nut




QUINTIC Winter Vegan Tabaco



Vegan outdoor and hiking shoes

Of course, you can also wear the shoes listed above for all outdoor activities, because they all have one thing in common: they are robust, lightweight and absolutely comfortable. As barefoot shoes, they all have a flat and highly flexible design.

Here we show you some models that also look like outdoor or hiking shoes from the outside - all vegan, of course.


QUIQ Trail Black Vegan

This vegan shoe will inspire you. It not only goes with you on every run, but also on every hike. QUIQ is made from vegan mesh, which is extremely breathable. Your feet won't break a sweat, even in high temperatures.



HIQE - vegan Hiking Shoes

The name says it all. Our HIQEs look like typical hiking shoes. Spring, summer, autumn or winter? It doesn't matter, because with HIQE you are well equipped for every season. The outdoor shoe ensures that your feet feel comfortable on warm days as well as in cold and wet weather - thanks to the special breathable and waterproof material.

HIQE Low Vegan Camel Red Waterproof



HIQE Vegan Sierra Waterproof




EXPEQ is the elegant version of a hiking boot. The waxed vegan outer material looks almost like leather. However, you can also wear these mid-height boots to the office or for a stroll around town. EXPEQ is the perfect all-rounder in winter.


EXPEQ Vegan Cuoio Waterproof



EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof





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