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EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof
EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof
EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof
EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof
EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof


EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof

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Material: Vegan, Waterproof



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Our vegan EXPEQ is a stylish companion for every outdoor adventure. The outdoor shoe is made... more
Product information "EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof"

EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof

Our vegan EXPEQ is a stylish companion for every outdoor adventure. The outdoor shoe is made from high-quality materials and offers you incredible comfort when hiking.

Despite the mid-height cut, the barefoot shoe is a real flyweight. You will appreciate this especially on longer hikes, because your feet are not weighed down with EXPEQ. You can climb any mountain with ease.

The vegan barefoot shoe is equipped with a special outdoor sole that gives you a high level of surefootedness despite its flexibility. With EXPEQ, you'll be comfortable and safe even on the most demanding trails. If it should rain, you don't have to worry about getting your feet wet. Thanks to our special ZAQQ membrane, this outdoor boot is waterproof.

The look of the barefoot shoe is timeless and discreet. EXPEQ can therefore not only be worn for hiking, but also accompanies you with style in everyday life. What more could you want from a vegan barefoot shoe? EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof will make every short and long walk much more fun.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ!

Your new EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof is made from these high-quality materials:

  • Upper: Vegan material, extremely robust and breathable
  • Lining: waterproof, breathable and windproof ZAQQ membrane
  • Sole: ultra-flexible, non-slip, abrasion-proof rubber, 3,9mm (0.15 Inch)
  • Upper: Strobel-stitched with double seams
  • Sole: hand-stitched to the upper
  • Adhesive: solvent-free adhesive bonding

Here's why your new EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof are exceptionally healthy and comfortable:

  • A rubber sole without a heel, supports natural posture whilst protecting joints and relieving spinal pressure;
  • Different last shapes and design for men's and women's shoes guarantees an optimum fit;
  • Lots of space at the front of the shoe allows plenty of room for toes and the ball of the foot;
  • Promotes natural movement whilst running and creates a balanced foot climate thanks to the breathable and sweat-reducing properties of high-quality natural products;
  • Ultra-flexible, supple material to banish blisters and sore feet;
  • Incredibly light at approx. 300 g (10.6oz) (size 41)

Look how we achieve optimum sustainable production

  • Barefoot shoes from Germany
  • Every shoe is unique
  • Low-pollutant production with regular tests at wellknown institutes
  • Processing takes place within our own factory south of Berlin
  • Sole exchange possible

Material: Vegan, Waterproof
Type: Outdoor
Upper: Vegan
Color: Braun


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10 Dec 2022

Amazing shoes!

They've been with me to Egypt (1 mth, desert included) and 2 seasons (autumn/winter/spring) in Central Europe. And I love them! They still feel like new.

2 things to remember - at lower temperatures I wear double socks (sometimes even warm+warm) and the inner insertion (the flat thing inside that you can usually remove) mushed with time, so I wear them now without it and it's still fine).

Wishing you a great wear!

- Margarita

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