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Grim weather instead of warm spring days - have we rejoiced too soon? Not at all, because even on rainy days we are drawn out into nature. Thanks to our waterproof ZAQQs, there is no such thing as bad weather any more.

In our shop, we have a growing range of waterproof models and our experience shows that these are precisely the ones that are highly demanded by our customers. Our ZAQQs from this category are made of different materials. Traditionally, we produce barefoot shoes from waxed leather. The nappa or suede leather is treated with a layer of wax to build up a barrier against water penetration. We also have barefoot shoes made of unwaxed leather and vegan material, which are absolutely waterproof thanks to our special ZAQQ inner membrane.

To protect your shoes permanently from rain and wetness, you should not neglect care. This way, your ZAQQs will not only remain waterproof, but also supple and will accompany you for many years. We have provided useful tips regarding care and cleaning for you here. There you will find detailed instructions for each material along with specific product information.

Slush or constant rain can't spoil the fun of outdoor exercise. Put on your waterproof barefoot shoes and head off to your next adventure!

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HIQE - the waterproof Outdoor Barefoot Shoe 

HIQE is your barefoot shoe ready to conquer the world with you. As a faithful companion, it is at your side on all hiking tours and outdoor adventures. This model has been one of the favourites in the shop for years. To meet our customers' wishes, you will find this waterproof barefoot shoe in different colours and materials as well as in Low, Mid and HighCut.

All versions of our HIQE are equipped with our special outdoor sole to give you enough grip in the terrain. Of course, like all other ZAQQ soles, this one is highly flexible and absolutely flat. The inside of all versions of this outdoor shoe is equipped with our ZAQQ inner membrane, which is absolutely windproof and waterproof, but still allows your feet to breathe.

Waterproof HIQE made of leather

Exactly two versions of our popular hiking shoe are made entirely of suede on the outside. In a beautiful sky blue combined with a light grey tone, HIQE Mid Azure Waterproof is a great barefoot shoe that looks fresh and super modern. If you need more colour, you'll love our HIQE Mid Turquoise Waterproof. A successful colour combination of beige, purple and turquoise make this waterproof barefoot shoe absolutely unique.


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HIQE made of vegan upper and waterproof membrane

Our two low outdoor barefoot shoes, HIQE Low Brown Blue and HIQE Low Vegan Camel Red, are your waterproof vegan styles for the warmer days of the year. If you need more protection, want to jump through puddles and need more stability in the ankle area, then check out our high-cut vegan versions HIQE Brown Blue Waterproof as well as HIQE Vegan Sierra Waterproof. Thanks to the waterproof, vegan inner membrane, the four barefoot shoes mentioned are absolutely waterproof.


HIQE made from a combination of leather and mesh

We have a total of 9 models made from a combination of supple mesh fabric and leather. From low to high-cut designs and from black to bright blue colours, you are guaranteed to find your waterproof barefoot shoe with which you will soon be walking over hill and dale.



Your new ZAQQ Outdoorbuddy is already waiting for you in our shop! Now all you have to do is choose one from 15 variants.

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DAQOTA - the waterproof lace-up boot for every occasion

A waterproof lace-up boot for everyday wear, but also for your next outdoor adventure: DAQOTA is the chic all-rounder that is still missing in your wardrobe!

This model is also equipped with our special ZAQQ inner membrane and is therefore absolutely waterproof. DAQOTA perfectly combines the functionality of an outdoor shoe with the design of a mid-high lace-up boot for every occasion. If you are looking for a waterproof barefoot shoe that will carry you comfortably through everyday life, but which will also climb every peak with you, this model is the perfect choice.

Whether black, brown, blue or grey - DAQOTA is the new trend shoe in our ZAQQ shop.


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LINQ - the waterproof barefoot shoe for golfing

For you it has to be more elegant? No problem, our waterproof LINQ is your barefoot shoe that not only shines on the golf course, but is also unbeatable in the office or for an extended stroll through town. The fine nappa leather in snow white and light brown looks twice as noble with its perforated trim. Wonderfully supple and flexible, this barefoot shoe is a waterproof companion that adds an elegant touch to any outfit.


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BRIQ - the waterproof suit shoe

Our BRIQ goes on with elegance. This model is a classic if you are looking for a barefoot shoe that you can also wear for business occasions. With suit trousers or jeans, you can't go wrong with BRIQ. To ensure that your feet are absolutely dry on your way to the office, even on rainy days, you'll find our BRIQ Brogue Waterproof Black among all 17 variants. Absolutely waterproof, wonderfully elegant and unbeatable in comfort, you have found your stylish barefoot shoe.


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EXPEQ - waterproof barefoot shoes for outdoor and everyday use

Our all-time favourite EXPEQ is a bestseller among our barefoot shoes for a reason. Simple enough for everyday wear, but with all the features of an outdoor boot, with EXPEQ you always have the right shoe at your side. You'll find this barefoot shoe in a variety of styles, including nappa and suede leather and vegan material.

All EXPEQs are completely waterproof and extremely comfortable. With their plain design, they are discreet and can also be combined in a more elegant or sporty way - just as you need it.


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QUEST Barefoot Shoe: Vegan and Waterproof

You can find our waterproof QUEST in 7 different versions in our ZAQQ shop, including 6 absolutely waterproof ones. You can recognise it by the word "Waterproof" in the shoe name. This vegan barefoot shoe is not only available as a low shoe, but also as a mid-high lace-up boot and offers you the highest wearing comfort on rainy days, but with its high breathability it is also comfortable when the sun is shining.

QUEST will inspire you, choose your favourite from all the different options right now!


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QUINTIC - the waterproof classic among barefoot shoes

The classic among our lace-up boots - our QUINTIC! We have this model in our shop in a total of 21 different materials and colours, including three waterproof ones. As with the QUEST mentioned above, our waterproof QUINTICs also have the word Waterproof in their name.

So you can find them easily. QUINTIC is a classic because these barefoot shoes don't need a lot of fancy stuff and are elegant and can be combined with everything thanks to their plain-coloured design. By the way, we also have two QUINTICs that are warmly lined in addition to their waterproof functionality - perfect for the cold winter!


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As you can see, we even have a wide range of waterproof barefoot shoes. We are sure that you will find your new favourite companion in our ZAQQ shop, which will spoil you with the highest wearing comfort and ensure dry feet even in the rain.

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