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Caring for your barefoot shoes made from vegan material

Our ZAQQ barefoot shoes made from vegan material are super easy to care for and, depending on the material, look very similar to leather shoes. With our ZAQQs made from Ökotex 100 fabric, everyone thought they were made from suede.

The advantages of vegan materials are obvious. They do not have to be cared for as intensively as real leather and no animals had to be used in the production of the materials. The functional properties are at least as good, if not better, than real leather. All good reasons to take a closer look at our vegan shoes!

Here we give you useful tips on cleaning and caring for your vegan barefoot shoes.


Our ZAQQ barefoot shoes made from vegan materials 

In these care instructions, we only cover our vegan shoes made from synthetic materials. Of course, our cotton knitted shoes are also vegan. You can find the care instructions for these under "Caring for your barefoot shoes made of textile".

We have a wide range of vegan barefoot shoes. Simply get an overview here.  


 QUINTIC Winter Vegan Nut

Cleaning vegan material

If your vegan barefoot shoes are only slightly dirty, you can easily remove the dust with a dry cloth. For stubborn dirt that cannot be removed dry, you can use a damp cloth. Avoid applying too much pressure when cleaning. It is better to run the cloth gently over the dirty areas several times. If this does not remove the dirt, we recommend this gentle cleaning gel or this cleaning foam, which is very effective.


PREQUEL Winter Vegan Black

Impregnating vegan material

It is often claimed that vegan material does not need to be waterproofed. This is incorrect, as vegan shoes also have seams through which water can penetrate. By waterproofing, you create a protective film on your shoes that not only keeps water out, but also protects your ZAQQs from dirt. Regular waterproofing is the only way to enjoy your barefoot shoes for a long time.

Make sure to use a waterproofing spray without grease for your vegan synthetic shoes. We recommend the CARBON LAB Protecting Spray from Collonil.

Apply the spray evenly from a distance of approx. 30 cm. The waterproofing agent must then dry completely. We recommend repeating this process several times to create an effective protective film on your ZAQQs.



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