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Caring for your barefoot shoes made from merino wool

Our barefoot shoes made from merino wool are true superstars. They keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. They are absolutely breathable and transport moisture to the outside, but are also water-repellent. Merino wool even has antibacterial properties, preventing unpleasant odours from developing in the first place. To maintain these incredible functional properties for a long time, we give you tips on cleaning and caring for your merino shoes here. 

Our barefoot shoes made from merino wool

Our LIQE model is made from the finest merino wool. The trainers are available in many great colours. Now you're spoilt for choice! As soon as you receive your first pair, you'll fall in love with them and order a second pair in a different colour. 

What is merino wool

The particularly high-quality merino wool comes from merino sheep, which were originally only native to North Africa. Their fur makes them perfectly equipped for the extreme weather conditions in the desert climate: Extreme heat during the day and extreme cold at night.


Merino sheep probably arrived on the Iberian Peninsula with the Berbers as early as the 13th century. The Kingdom of Castile in present-day Spain was known for many centuries for its trade in high-quality merino wool. This is why it was colloquially known as "Spanish wool".

With the rise of textiles of all kinds, merino wool almost fell into oblivion, but has been making a big comeback in recent years. The textile industry has discovered this wonderful material for functional clothing. Merino wool is not only temperature-regulating, but also water-repellent and antibacterial. It does not itch and is simply pleasant to the touch.

Merino sheep can now be found all over the world. However, Australia has emerged as the main producer of merino wool.


Cleaning merino shoes

Merino wool is robust and hard-wearing, but you should never put your shoes in the washing machine! This can cause the wool to shrink and make your shoes too tight.

Much worse, however, is that you wash out the lanolin it contains. This wool fat is responsible for the water-repellent effect. With the right care, you don't need to waterproof your merino shoes.

The best way to clean your merino shoes is with a soft brush. If stubborn dirt has accumulated that you can't remove with a dry brush, try using a damp sponge.


Waterproofing your merino shoes

If you still want to waterproof your barefoot shoes, we recommend Carbon Pro from Collonil. With this waterproofing spray, which you can use on all surfaces, the breathability of your merino shoes remains 100% intact.


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