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Barefoot shoes for hiking?

Are barefoot shoes suitable for hiking? Our customer support team is often asked this question and the answer is a resounding YES!

However, there are a few basic aspects to consider when hiking in barefoot shoes, which we will go into in more detail here. With this information, you should have no problem finding the perfect barefoot shoe for your next hiking tour.

Barefoot shoes for hiking: Important to know

To choose the right pair of barefoot shoes for your next hike, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How long have you been hiking in barefoot shoes?

It is quite normal for your feet to tire more quickly when you switch from normal shoes to barefoot shoes. Significantly more muscles are used and this requires more energy and strength at first. If you are not yet used to walking for long periods in barefoot shoes, you should first plan short tours and consider the following points.

How long will the hike take?

Approximately how long will the next hiking tour take? Light shoes with a medium grip are sufficient for a short, rather undemanding tour. You can wear our barefoot sneakers, for example. In summer, our QLEAR outdoor sandals are also a good choice. If you are planning a multi-day hiking tour with a heavy rucksack, the barefoot shoe should provide sufficient stability and grip. Our barefoot hiking shoes or hiking boots are the better choice here.


SQILL - for easy hikes

What is the hiking area like?

Even more important than the length of the hiking tour is the nature of the hiking area. Are you walking on dry, well-surfaced terrain? Or do you have to be prepared for a wide variety of conditions such as sand, mud, wet roots, slippery rocks or even snow? Depending on the difficulty of the hiking terrain, you can choose between our lightweight everyday barefoot shoes, our robust hiking boots and our sturdy hiking boots.

What is the weather like during the hike?

Another very important consideration is the weather during the hiking tour. Could it rain or even snow? Then you should opt for our barefoot hiking shoes or hiking boots, as they give you more grip and slip resistance. It's best to choose a waterproof model. If you are walking through dry, desert-like areas, the breathability of the barefoot shoe plays a greater role. Depending on the terrain, our barefoot sandals could be the ideal choice.

ZAQQ barefoot shoes for hiking

To get you well equipped for your next outdoor adventure, we're showing you a small selection of our barefoot outdoor shoes today.

Barefoot outdoor sandals

With the breathability of a sandal and the protection of a closed hiking boot, our QLEAR is ideal for hiking in high temperatures. With our outdoor sandals, your feet are always well ventilated on summer hikes.



QLEAR outdoor sandal - click here!

Barefoot sneakers for easy hikes


PIQUANT Velours Grey - click here!

Our barefoot sneakers can be worn both as everyday shoes and for light hikes. This makes these barefoot shoes perfect for travelling light, as they combine two shoes in one.


QAANAAQ Bordeaux - click here!



QORE Low - click here!

Barefoot running shoes

Whether jogging or trail running - our running shoes are lightweight and offer outstanding performance and robust running behaviour. By the way, our SOQQ running sock is also perfect for your run!


SOQQ Sockenschuhe - click here!

Barefoot hiking boots

Our barefoot hiking boots offer comfort and stability on a wide variety of terrain. Compared to our hiking boots, they are lighter and provide enough ankle flexibility on steep terrain or for light jumps over rocks.

You can find all barefoot hiking boots here!



HIQE Barfuß-Wanderschuhe - click here!


QUEST Low - click here!


SEEQ - click here!


Barefoot hiking boots

Our hiking boots offer you significantly more stability and protection without having to compromise on comfort. Thanks to the high cut, you have more stability in the ankle area and are better protected against insect bites, scratches or cuts. Our hiking boots are therefore also suitable for long hiking tours through challenging terrain.

You can find all hiking boots here!


HIQE Brown Blue Waterproof- click here!


EXPEQ Wanderboots - hier klicken!



Germany is a hiking country. With a hiking trail network of around 300,000 kilometres, there are certainly enough unknown routes for you to discover. By choosing the right shoes, you'll be well prepared for any adventure.

With our ZAQQs, you'll be at the forefront of all outdoor activities - that's a promise! 


Have fun hiking in our barefoot shoes!

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