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Barefoot shoe or Business shoe?

Do you know the problem? You have an important appointment, your outfit is ready, but your uncomfortable business shoes are already ruining your good mood? 

Barefoot shoes or business shoes?

Why slip into uncomfortable shoes when you have the choice of a comfortable companion? With our ZAQQ barefoot shoes, you can walk in comfort and style for any occasion.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.












The Oxford suit shoe

You can't be more comfortable in business than with APEQ! This Oxford shoe combines classic elegance with the unrivalled comfort of a barefoot shoe.

Made from the finest black calfskin, APEQ Black not only offers a timeless look, but also the natural freedom of movement and breathability that your feet need in a stressful working day.

Anyone who wants to do business in style should own our APEQ!

>> APEQ <<







The Derby suit shoe

BRIQ is the classic Derby suit shoe for the modern man who doesn't want to compromise between style and comfort.

This business casual shoe offers your feet natural freedom of movement, breathability and a perfect fit.

Available in a variety of colours and with or without broguings, BRIQ adapts to every occasion and style.

BRIQ is the ideal companion for men who value both their appearance and the well-being of their feet.

>> BRIQ <<   






The versatile ballerina 

Style is your top priority? But you don't want to do without comfort? Then our TWIST is just right for you! With its super flexible sole, you can even roll it up and stow it in your handbag so you always have a comfortable pair of shoes on hand.

Whether for a relaxed walk in the park, for the office or for special occasions - the TWIST ballerinas are so versatile in their 24 different designs that they are suitable for every occasion.

>> TWIST <<









Low shoe in derby design

IQON is the low shoe for women that reinterprets the classic Derby design and combines it with the lightness of a barefoot shoe.

Whether in elegant suede or shiny smooth leather, in plain black, elegant grey or shiny gold - IQON will always add that certain something to your outfit.

IQON is perfect for the fashion-conscious woman who wants to look stylish and comfortable at the office, on a stroll through town or at a dinner party.

>> IQON <<   








The monk suit shoe 

MONQ is the perfect choice for the modern man who wants to cut a fine figure both in the office and on special occasions without having to sacrifice a natural walking feel.

Made from the finest calfskin, these classic monk shoes are characterised by their distinctive buckles and elegant, timeless look.

With MONQ, you not only enjoy a stylish appearance, but also unrivalled comfort, freedom of movement and breathability.









The cool moccasin

A long day at work, one meeting after another, a date in the evening - FLIQ can do it all and will make you shine at your best. With its super soft and flexible material and non-slip sole, it will never let you down.

FLIQ Blue is your perfect companion for all days when you want to wear a comfortable shoe that stands out from the crowd.

If you prefer a simpler look, you can also find FLIQ in black.

>> FLIQ << 










The elegant loafer 

QERP is your feminine loafer that perfectly combines comfort and style. The slip-on shoe is flexible, durable and non-slip. And they also look incredibly chic! 

These loafers are the perfect choice for everyday wear, the office or even for more elegant occasions where you want to look stylish yet comfortable. 

With QERP on your feet, you can effortlessly combine fashion confidence with the need for healthy and happy feet, no matter where the day takes you.

>> LOAFER << 






The glamorous loafer 

Looking for pure glamour? Then QOSMO Champagne is the perfect choice for you! A super-feminine barefoot shoe that couldn't be more stylish. 

From the outside, our QOSMO looks like a sophisticated loafer. But as we all know, it's also about the inner values and these are an unbeatable argument! The barefoot loafer is incredibly soft and flexible and moulds perfectly to the contours of your foot.

>> QOSMO << 









The business boot 

Inspired by the classic English George Boot, we have developed our DUQE, a shoe that couldn't be more comfortable and elegant!

These business boots are available in elegant smooth leather in brown or black as well as in a vegan high-gloss option. 

DUQE is the ideal choice for the modern man who doesn't compromise on fashion and foot health.

>> DUQE <<








The casual suit shoe

It doesn't get more comfortable than with PEAQ!

This barefoot shoe offers you even more toe room than the other models and is therefore not made with our business sole with the heel indicated on the outside, but with our popular ZAQQ ONE Sole, which you will recognise from many sneakers.

 If you like it formal but don't have to adhere to a strict business dress code, PEAQ will not only shine at work, you won't want to do without this comfortable barefoot shoe in your free time either.

>> PEAQ <<   






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