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With Barefoot Shoes through the snow

With barefoot shoes through the snow? Of course, with our winter models you are perfectly equipped. We have lined models in our shop that keep your feet cosy and warm even on very cold days and still have all the barefoot features that make our ZAQQs stand out: enough space especially in the forefoot area, a flat and absolutely flexible sole and a particularly light weight.

In our shop you are guaranteed to find the barefoot shoe that is made for you. Take a look right now!

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Walking for hours through the snow with barefoot shoes

If you want to wander for hours through snow that may have already melted in parts, you should definitely choose a model that is waterproof and high-cut, so that the snow cannot penetrate from below or above. 

Our QUINTIC Winter Velours Brown Waterpoof meets exactly the above criteria and is also lined with warm lambskin. By the way, the QUINTIC models have been among our most popular barefoot shoes for years now in the colder seasons and have also won numerous new fans this snow season. 


 >> Check out QUINTIC Winter Velours Brown <<


QUINTIC is the all-rounder in winter, because it can take part in your outdoor activities, but also looks particularly stylish with an elegant outfit. With the warm lining, the high cut and the typical barefoot shoe features, the snow walk can't be long enough.



 >> Check out QUINTIC Winter Brogue Cognac << 



  >> Check out QUINTIC Winter Black << 




  >> Check out QUINTIC Winter Black << 


Through the snow-covered pedestrian zone in barefoot shoes 

PREQUEL is the low shoe that reaches up to the ankle and thus offers you optimum protection against snow penetration. With its discreet and unagitated design, this barefoot shoe always fits - elegant with a business outfit and casual with a leisure look.

 Warmly lined, you will feel completely comfortable even on cold days. Now you just have to decide between nappa leather or vegan!


  >> Zum PREQUEL Winter Vegan Black << 


   >> Check out PREQUEL Winter Nappa Black << 


Our all-rounders that are suitable for snow, but also for hiking in the transitional season

Our all-rounders that are suitable for snow, but also for hiking in the transitional season.

You like it minimalistic and prefer to have as limited a selection of shoes as possible in your belongings? Then a mid-height barefoot shoe without lining is perfect for you. We have some models in our shop that are waterproof and that you can also wear in spring and autumn. In winter, wear them with warm socks. 


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We have had the best experiences in the team with merino wool socks. They keep your feet wonderfully warm and are still quite thin. With a mid-height, waterproof barefoot shoe, you can have fun almost all year round. In addition, you can buy a pair of practical barefoot sandals for summer and perhaps a pair of barefoot sneakers for the transitional season. 

HIQE with a medium and high cut is just made for winter. This typical hiking boot can also be worn in everyday life when combined correctly. With warm socks, you'll be ahead in any snowball fight. With our waterproof HIQE, it's twice as much fun in the snow. 


>> Check out HIQE High-Cut << 



The warm women's boot for walking in the snow

ATTRAQT says it all with its name! This winter ladies' boot is particularly attractive and keeps your feet especially warm with the lambskin lining. Wear it with a warm knitted dress and thermal leggings, with skinny jeans tucked in or even more casually on particularly cold days with ski pants over it - ATTRAQT Winter Black will thrill you with its comfort.


>> Check out ATTRAQT Winter Black << 


You don't have a snow-ready barefoot shoe yet? Then it's about time for you to get it! Depending on the region, there is still a lot of snow. If you order now, you'll soon be able to wear your new ZAQQ yourself after a quick delivery time. 

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.


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