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Elegant barefoot shoes for the job

Do you like to have a second pair of barefoot shoes at work so that you don't sweat all day in your warm boots in heated rooms? 

Elegant ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes for your job 

Then take a look at our more elegant models, which will always give you the style you need without compromising on comfort.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.














QARMA: The classic ballerina

Finding the right shoe for the office is a big challenge, especially for women. They should look good, go with a skirt or tailored trouser suit and still be comfortable.

 With our classic QARMA ballerinas, you can master this challenge with ease. They go perfectly with an office outfit.

Black, white, nude or brown? The choice is yours!

>> QARMA << 







BRIQ: Your comfortable and classy companion

Why slip into uncomfortable shoes when you can choose a comfortable companion?

With our elegant BRIQs, you have a comfortable and stylish friend at your side for every occasion.

You can find our BRIQ in many different designs, so you can always choose the perfect barefoot shoe for your needs.

>> BRIQ <<  










APEQ: Your Oxford suit shoe

You can't be more comfortable in business than with APEQ!

The extremely soft calfskin is not only elegant and shiny, but also particularly comfortable to wear. The seams run harmoniously and give the barefoot shoe its typical Oxford look. 

Anyone who wants to do business in style should own our APEQ!

>> APEQ << 






LOOQ: Feminine elegance

You don't have to compromise on elegance with our LOOQ if you don't feel like wearing high heels. On the contrary, the feminine ballerina perfects your look, gives you style confidence and is heavenly comfortable at the same time.

Choose your LOOQ ballerina from six different colours so that you always have the perfect choice for your elegant outfit.

>> LOOQ <<  












QERP: Your feminine moccasin

QERP is your feminine moccasin that perfectly combines comfort and style. The loafer is flexible, hard-wearing and non-slip. And they also look incredibly chic!

Whether you're looking for a classically elegant outfit or a casual leisure look, our QERP can be combined for any occasion. 

QERP is available in four different colours.

>> QERP << 







DUQE: Your elegant George Boot 

With the classic English George Boot as inspiration, we have developed our DUQE, a shoe that couldn't be more comfortable and elegant!

You can wear our DUQE with anything. It can be easily combined with a suit, but also looks great in casual leisure looks.

>> DUQE <<  









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