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Elegant Barefoot Shoes for Business

Finding a business shoe that is not only comfortable but also matches the dress code can become a challenge. But it's not that difficult!

Barefoot shoes for the office? Yes, of course!

With our shoes you can do your business on comfortable soles and always be dressed smartly in the office.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.












IQON: Your low shoe for the office

Rushing to the next meeting? Stand at the counter all day? Meeting up with friends after the office? No problem!

With our business model IQON, you have a classic lace-up for the office which is absolutely light and comfortable.

Even after a busy day, you'll still walk on air in IQON.

>> IQON <<









BRIQ: Your classic derby suit shoe

Derby shoes are timeless and can be worn perfectly with an elegant suit, but they also add a stylish touch to any casual outfit.

But our BRIQ not only gives you style confidence, it also gives you a comfort you've only known from your favourite sneakers.

You can find BRIQ in various designs and colours in our shop. Take a look for yourself and find the right derby shoe for you.

>> BRIQ <<  








TWIST: Your feminine ballerina

Stylishness is at the top of your list? But you still don't want to do without comfort? Then our TWIST is just right for you!

TWIST is your wonderfully comfortable ballerina shoe made of soft materials that will add a feminine touch to any look. 

You can find TWIST in many different colours, so check out your favourite right now!

>> TWIST <<  








DUQE: Your elegant George Boot

A Barefoot Shoe can't get any more elegant than this! Inspired by the classic English George Boot, we have designed our DUQE, a shoe that is simply unbeatable!

You can wear our DUQE with anything. It can easily be combined with a suit, but also with jeans and a leather jacket.

>> DUQE <<   









LOOQ: Your classic ballerina

Our LOOQ is your elegant ballerina for the office and goes well with both trouser suits and skirts.

The days of tired feet are over! With LOOQ you'll be happy to walk an extra mile on your way home from work. Chic and mega comfortable!

>> LOOQ <<   











QORE: Your elegant black sneaker

From sporty-casual to elegant - a black sneaker goes with any outfit. 

Our QORE Low Black is so discreet that it can also be worn as a suit shoe. And what's better than walking into the office in style with your favourite sneaker?

>> QORE <<  









LANQASTER: Your modern mid-cut sneaker

LANQASTER Navy is your modern mid-cut sneaker in a simple silhouette that will inspire you with every single step.

LANQASTER goes perfectly with jeans or linen trousers in your free time, but can also be combined smartly with suit trousers. Lightweight, ultra-comfortable and stylish, you'll always be right on target with this Barefoot Shoe.











YORQ: Your elegant lace-up boot

With YORQ you have a comfortable companion for the office in autumn too. The elegant interplay of smooth and suede leather gives the boot an interesting pattern and, in combination with the decorative stitching in the toe area, makes it look much narrower than it actually is.

Thanks to its timeless colour, you can combine it variably with any outfit. It simply goes with all styles and colours. You decide for yourself whether you want to give it an elegant or casual style. YORQ can definitely do both! 

>> YORQ <<   






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