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Jogging barefoot or with barefoot shoes - that' s what you need to know!

Barefoot jogging as a running style has become increasingly popular in the last ten years. People either jog completely barefoot or run with barefoot shoes or so-called minimal shoes. Barefoot running is by no means an invention of recent years, on the contrary, in pre-modern times it was common to run either completely barefoot or with primitive shoes made of leather skins. 

Even today, there are indigenous peoples who still walk barefoot and have neither muscle nor joint problems. The Tarahumara tribe from Mexico is an excellent example. The tribe is known for its ultra-distance runners who cover incredible distances barefoot. The world's best marathon runners also come from African areas where barefoot running is still predominant. 

But why should you even think about jogging barefoot? We will take a closer look at the advantages in the next paragraph. 

Why jog barefoot at all?

Conventional shoes can change our natural way of moving and our posture. Due to the rigid sole, only a small part of the 33 joints in the foot are moved and the foot muscles weaken. But it is not only the rigid sole that is a problem, but also the design of modern shoes, because your foot does not have the space it needs to move naturally, especially in the area of the toes. Your toes are pressed together in the shoe and can't spread out naturally. 

It is obvious that conventional shoes are bad for our foot anatomy. Splayed feet, flat feet and hallux valgus are the result. Malpositions in the foot often also lead to incorrect stresses on other parts of the body. This can result in pain, injuries or inefficient training results.

When walking barefoot, the foot can move as nature intended. The foot is completely mobilised, all joints are moved and the foot musculature is exercised. Barefoot walking also improves the sense of balance and the elasticity of tendons and ligaments. 

Those who have learned the technique of barefoot jogging can cover long distances without more effort than necessary and reduce signs of fatigue as well as muscle and joint pain. Barefoot jogging is also a great way to recharge with the energy of the earth. Read more about this topic in our article about Earthing.


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How to start jogging barefoot

In summary: 

Increase very slowly and bit by bit! The feet and joints must gradually get used to the new load. It may sound strange, but modern footwear has made us forget how to move naturally. Muscles have become atrophied, tendons and ligaments are no longer elastic enough. If you want too much at the beginning, you risk injuries. It is important to adapt the running technique. It is not enough to simply leave off the shoes or jog with barefoot shoes. 

Start by running barefoot around the house or jogging along the beach. It is advisable not to run directly at the water's edge, as the slope of the shore can cause back problems. The next step can be a soft meadow or a sandy path. If you have no problem with this, you can also venture onto asphalt. However, jogging on asphalt should be the exception rather than the rule, because in nature you rarely find such hard surfaces. Our bodies are simply not designed for running or jogging on asphalt.

Barefoot or minimalist jogging?

To enjoy the advantages of barefoot running, you don't necessarily have to do without shoes completely. It is important to choose a shoe that allows your feet to move naturally. 

Our ZAQQ barefoot shoes are perfect for getting started with barefoot jogging, as they offer you sufficient protection and still allow you to move your feet naturally. More information below.


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Barefoot technique while jogging

Basically, barefoot running is always about making the landing of the foot from the heel to the ball of the foot as natural as possible. If you land too heavily on the heel, you put too much strain on the lumbar region, the hip joint and the Achilles tendons. The incorrect load can quickly lead to pain, which in turn leads to altered movement patterns that are not beneficial. 

Unfortunately, it is not easy to change your usual running style overnight, especially if you have been running for years in shoes with air chambers and great cushioning. But as we all know, practice makes perfect - even barefoot jogging needs to be practised. In the beginning, it is quite normal that the usual training performance or times are not maintained, after all, the new running technique has to be learned first.

It is important for barefoot running to build up the foot muscles with special exercises. Only those who have strong muscles in their feet and calves can jog barefoot properly and effectively. It is also helpful to build up the quadriceps to protect the knees and ankles.

Overweight people should take extra time to learn the technique, because if they do it wrong, the impact could be too strong and consequently also the strain on the joints.

Those who want to jog completely barefoot are guaranteed to have scratches, blisters and sores on the soles of their feet in the first time. The sensitive skin on the sole of the foot, which was always well protected in shoes, also has to get used to it and become more resistant. If you don't want to do without the protection of your feet, barefoot shoes or so-called minimal shoes are an alternative. With our ZAQQs, you have running shoes that are handmade in our factory and allow your feet to move naturally.


Jogging with ZAQQ barefoot shoes

ZAQQ barefoot shoes allow your feet to move naturally and use all joints and muscles. The thin and highly flexible sole allows the foot to roll naturally, just like barefoot running. But you can also feel the ground and use the intrinsic feedback from your foot sensors to adjust your movements. In addition, the wide cut in the forefoot ensures that your toes can be spread out. 

Compared to conventional shoes, our barefoot shoes are particularly light and do not weigh your feet down. This is an enormous advantage, especially for longer jogging tours.


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Which ZAQQ barefoot shoes are suitable for jogging?

All of our barefoot shoes have the above-mentioned features and can therefore also be used for sports. For jogging, however, we recommend our models that are particularly breathable and that you can adjust perfectly to your needs via the lacing in order to have optimal support.


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Just scroll through the list below! You are guaranteed to find a jogging shoe that fits you perfectly. Our ZAQQ barefoot shoes give you an incredible feeling of freedom, making jogging twice as much fun.

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