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Grab your timeless classic barefoot shoes

Whether for holidays, for the office or for your everyday activities, these comfortable barefoot shoes are absolutely timeless and will accompany you through many springs. 

Timeless classics

Grab a pair and start the warmer days with energy!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.













Simple, but by no means boring 

QORE sets new standards in the world of classic sneakers: elegant and on-trend at the same time.

When designing this barefoot shoe, we made sure that it doesn't look boring despite its simplicity. We have given it a unique touch by combining shiny nappa leather at the front and matt suede at the back.

QORE is equipped with exceptional comfort and is so stylish that you will love wearing it.

>> QORE << 






Casual Chic 

TAQQ is the sneaker that takes you to the top. The elegant nappa leather and brushed sole are the perfect mix for a high-quality, modern barefoot shoe.

But it's not just the look that will win you over - you'll also love the incredibly good wearing experience. 

Walking can be so beautiful when you have these modern sneakers.

>> TAQQ <<   








For voluminous feet 

Classic, sleek and feminine - that's our QOMFY Wide, which we have in many different colours in the shop.

The name says it all: with its extra-wide cut, QOMFY is simply wonderfully comfortable!

You'll appreciate QOMFY after the first few steps and won't want to put it back in your shoe closet. This barefoot shoe is guaranteed to be your new, mega-comfortable companion for the office and for all leisure activities.

>> QOMFY <<








Dynamic & casual

Light, dynamic and casual: Our JAQ Black is the barefoot sneaker for a modern look!

With its soft material, JAQ caresses your feet and blends seamlessly into any casual look.

Discover JAQ, your new sporty companion, available in shimmering silver or classic black, in both leather and vegan version.

>> JAQ <<   











PEAQ redefines the business-casual shoe: elegance paired with comfort.

Say goodbye to tired feet - this barefoot shoe guarantees comfort all day long.

Whether for formal business meetings or relaxed leisure activities, PEAQ harmonises perfectly with any outfit. Its design allows you to walk effortlessly through your day in style. 

>> PEAQ <<





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