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Good Mood on the Foot

Studies have shown that colours have a direct influence on our mood. You can benefit from this effect and wear your good mood directly on your feet. 

Colourful Barefoot Shoes 

It's time to bring the fun back  - step by step with our colourful and comfortable barefoot shoes!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ. 













The striking single-coloured shoe 

IVIQ is the cool sneaker for anyone who likes to stand out. The colour scheme, which runs from the sole, to the leather, to the stitching and even to the laces, is impossible to ignore!

IVIQ is fresh on the outside and smart on the inside - just like its wearer! 

Choose your IVIQ now from 6 different designs!

>> IVIQ <<  








More PIQUANT is not possible

You like it colourful, but you also want it to be versatile? Then our PIQUANT model is just the right shoe for you!

This barefoot shoe combines simple elegance, thanks to its straightforward and clear cut, with a pinch of playfulness and, of course, the typical comfort of ZAQQ barefoot shoes.

Orange, yellow, green, blue, grey or black? Look for your favourite in the shop!

>> PIQUANT << 











Feminine & sporty 

Sweet as sugar, light as a feather - our SUQAR is the perfect barefoot shoe for all women who like it feminine but don't want to do without a sporty look.

Sporty with shorts, feminine with a summer dress or simply casual with jeans - you can't go wrong with SUQAR.

You can find SUQAR in 20 different designs!

>> SUQAR <<






Sporty lightness

Our QANBERRA is equipped with our MINIMAL sole. This not only picks up on the colour concept of the upper material, but also impresses with its flexibility.

Blue, orange, grey, navy, brown or white? You decide!

In QANBERRA, your feet will feel really free and completely comfortable - a barefoot shoe for the modern man who wants more!








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