Zero Drop & Toe Freedom


Handstiched Rubber Sole


Fast shippment

Slip in and walk comfortably

You don't like to lace up? No problem, our slip-on shoes can be put on in a flash!

Slip them on & start walking

But our ZAQQs can do much more! They are incredibly comfortable and offer your feet the freedom of movement they need!

Simple, sporty or elegant? You'll find it all in our shop!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.












QARMA: Simple & stylish

Our QARMA is the unpretentious ballerina barefoot shoe that always fits. In its shiny leather, it will look stylish with any business outfit, as well as with all casual outfits.

With fine socks, you can also wear this ballerina through the spring days without any problems and always look smart.

Choose your QARMA from 5 different colours!

>> QARMA <<








MONQ: The elegant one

It really doesn't get more elegant than this business loafer!

An implied heel, a captoe with fine broguings and two buckles make this barefoot shoe a true classic.

But design is not everything! In this barefoot shoe, you'll perform at your best - ultra-comfortable, it won't just take you to the top in business.

>> MONQ <<









QEA: The boat shoe

Walk on air and look incredibly elegant at the same time - this barefoot shoe makes it possible.

The black suede and decorative lacing are simply timeless and make QEA the perfect shoe for any occasion.

Be quick, because we only have a few in stock!

>> QEA <<







LOOQ: Feminine playfulness

When you don't feel like wearing high heels, you don't have to sacrifice elegance with our LOOQ. On the contrary, the feminine ballerina completes your look, offering you style confidence and is heavenly comfortable at the same time.

You can find our LOOQ in 6 different designs!

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QOSMO: Glamorous & unique

Looking for pure glamour? Then QOSMO Champagne is the perfect choice for you! A super feminine barefoot shoe that couldn't be more stylish and feminine.

 From the outside, our QOSMO presents itself like a noble loafer. But as we all know, it's also about the inner values and they become an unbeatable argument! The barefoot loafer is incredibly soft and flexible and adapts perfectly to the contours of your foot.

>> QOSMO <<






QENT: The sporty one

The combination of soft suede, mesh and flexible elastic band makes QENT Blue look good, but it also offers a lot of functionality.

The mesh fabric in the upper part of the shoe ensures maximum breathability and the black elastic strap gives you perfect support.

QENT is your sporty barefoot slipper that couldn't be more comfortable.

>> QENT <<






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