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The perfect Barefoot Shoe from autumn to spring

Warmly lined barefoot shoes are not your thing? Would you rather have a ZAQQ that you can wear both in winter and on warmer spring days? 

From autumn to spring with just one barefoot shoe

Our unlined models are also suitable for winter when worn with high-quality woollen socks. Make sure the wool content is as high as possible (at least 70%). As the wool content has a high thermal effect, fine woollen socks are usually all you need.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.














The exceptional Chelsea boot 

QEY WEST is the Chelsea boot that not only looks extraordinary, but also offers exceptional comfort.

We have stitched elements made from extra fine nappa leather onto the suede. An extraordinary look that magically attracts attention.

Well designed and handcrafted for you, these Chelsea boots look incredibly stylish.

>> QEY WEST << 







A touch of 80s vintage 

The touch of 80s vintage combined with the comfortable materials make these high barefoot shoes a stylish companion for your everyday life!

Made from temperature-regulating merino wool, microfibre or denim - you decide which material suits you best.

Walk, run, jump - there's no stopping you in QICE. This barefoot shoe is simply fun.

>> QICE <<  









The elegant lace-up boot

QORBY always looks stylish with its polished smooth leather in brown. Whether you're in the office, strolling through town or out for a long walk - with QORBY, you'll be walking in absolute comfort and elegance.

The mid-height barefoot shoe is made from delicate leather that not only looks classy, but is also extremely comfortable to wear and adapts perfectly to your feet.

>> QORBY << 






Particularly non-slip & waterproof 

Waterproof, robust and yet wonderfully light - that's our SQOUT Waterproof. 

This outdoor shoe is equipped with our specially developed ZAQQ TERRA sole, which offers the best grip on all surfaces with its ingenious profile and high flexibility at the same time.

Non-slip and safe on the move and allowing your feet to move naturally - SQOUT makes it possible.

>> SQOUT <<  










The classic, mid-height sneaker

Our QORE is minimalist, simple and made with great attention to detail.  

Thanks to the use of two high-quality types of leather, namely smooth leather at the front and suede at the back, the sneaker looks quite slim despite its comfortable width. 

Our QORE not only looks good, but also impresses with maximum comfort! You can walk in them for hours without aching feet.

>> QORE << 







The waterproof all-rounder 

DAQOTA is your mid-height barefoot shoe that is guaranteed to become your new all-rounder. Waterproof and equipped with our special outdoor barefoot sole, this shoe is perfect for hiking. With its timeless design, you can also wear our DAQOTA for a stroll around town.

Whether black, brown, blue or grey - DAQOTA is the cool lace-up boot waiting for you in the ZAQQ shop.

>> DAQOTA <<  







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