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Spring fever at every step with sporty barefoot shoes

Soon it will be time for nature to come back to life. The first flowers are sprouting and the sun is gaining more and more strength. Spring is just around the corner. Time to lace up your shoes and walk in the fresh air.

The ZAQQ barefoot shoes are your ideal companion. Feel the living ground under your soles and feel safe and secure at the same time. While you recharge your batteries in the blossoming landscape, your feet can also enjoy the freedom. Thanks to the active-breathing material, they can breathe easily outdoors, just like you. 

Of course, the look is not forgotten either. From bright & sporty to discreet & elegant - you'll find the perfect barefoot shoe for you and your needs. Exactly the right choice for an active start to the new season.


On the move with ZAQQ. Your feet will thank you.










Bring movement into your life - with your new barefoot footwear

More sport is one of the most common resolutions for the new year. It's time to put the plan into practice. The sneakers from ZAQQ make it especially easy. With their cheerful colours, they shine like spring flowers. So it's guaranteed not to be difficult to overcome your inner obstacle. Thanks to their light weight, you'll be able to get going in no time. 









Our jogging shoes QUSQO and RIQ in turquoise and pink are perfect for fighting winter fat. Even if you really work up a sweat, your feet are well ventilated thanks to the mesh material. You can find more lightweight shoes in our versatile running shoe collection for women.  

But of course we also want to help men welcome spring with a sporty programme. The bright blue QNIT and the bright orange QYNLEE shoes are great motivators. They also have a mesh surface and encourage top athletic performance. 










Optimal supply - whether rain or shine

Spring is the time to get out into nature. Unfortunately, at this time of the year there is not always plenty of sunshine. We are often surprised by rainy weather or even snow. So that you don't have to stay at home on wet days, we have a few waterproof shoes in our shop. Your feet will be optimally protected on hikes and other adventures. 

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The HIQE supports you with its high shaft, even in mountainous regions. But this colourful barefoot shoe is also an absolute eye-catcher in everyday life. With the right care, it is your reliable companion and provides you and your feet with fresh air in any weather. By the way, we have this all-time favourite for men and women in our collection. In many unique colour combinations and 3 different shaft heights. 

On the move on new paths. The MONTBLANQ, TREQ and VAQATION models even give you extra support thanks to their non-slip soles. Just the thing for active nature lovers who don't mind the weather. This colourful selection really does bring every foot safely and dryly to its destination.  









Elegant and sporty at the same time - the all-rounder for every situation

Elegant and sporty at the same time - the all-rounder for every situation.

After a walk to the office or to a business meeting? No problem with these classics. These sporty all-purpose shoes adapt to any occasion with their chic and fashionable design. They are not too colourful, but are in no way less functional than their fellows. 

With its white rubber sole, our SHOQQ is totally on trend. The brown trainer goes with any workout outfit. At the same time, it adds a dynamic touch to elegant clothing. The same can be said for our barefoot shoe IVIQ.  





The blue SLOQ is the matching sneaker for men. It is light and flexible, but still makes an extremely high-quality impression. That's why it can be combined with suit trousers or jeans for a casual-chic look. 


Best equipped for every occasion with your ZAQQ barefoot shoe - spring - we are ready!


Feel free, feel ZAQQ.


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