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Comfortable business shoes for men

Finding a business shoe for men that is not only comfortable, but also matches the appropriate dress code and your outfit can quickly become a challenge. But it's not that difficult!

Terms such as business, business casual or casual can be used to describe existing dress codes. But what exactly is behind these terms and, above all, what footwear is appropriate in each case?

To avoid making any mistakes, here are a few tips for the perfect business outfit for men. We'll give you suggestions for suitable business shoes and how best to combine them.

Our ZAQQs are not only comfortable, but also elegantly finished! With our shoes, you can do your business on comfortable soles and always be stylishly dressed as a businessman.

The classic business shoe for men

Especially popular are brogues, i.e. business shoes with a decorative perforated pattern, the so-called broguings. Black business shoes are very popular with men because they simply go with any suit colour. However, broguings are much more visible on brown leather, which is why they look even more elegant in this colour scheme.  So it doesn't always have to be black. However, you need to make sure that the colour of the business shoe matches the rest of your outfit and that it is subtle. Bright colours are absolutely out of place in a classic business look!

BRIQ brogue as a classic business shoe for men

You can't go wrong with our BRIQ Brogue Black. It looks elegant and goes with any suit. 

If you would like another colour variant, we recommend the BRIQ Brogue Dark Brown. Its dark brown colour makes it discreet and stylish. Combined with a black suit, you can add a subtle accent.



Business casual - the right men's shoe for the difficult compromise

Business casual is by far the trickiest dress code because it is difficult to define. It's the happy medium: chic and elegant, yet casual and smart. You have some leeway to bring in your own style. Here we give you a few examples of how business casual can be interpreted. 

A dark jacket with beige chinos combined with a light-coloured polo shirt - this is a typical example of the casual yet smart approach. But the whole outfit is quickly ruined if you don't choose the right business-casual shoes to go with it.


But what is the ideal business casual shoe for men?

There are basically two ways to answer this question. You can either wear a business shoe in a more casual version or a casual shoe in a very elegant version.

Men's business shoe in a reduced version

Let's take a look at the first option and consider our classic brogue made from highly polished smooth leather - a typical business shoe. With just a few adjustments, the elegant brogue becomes a business-casual shoe. Go for suede, a different, non-classic colour variant or a men's shoe without brogue detailing.

With its suede, our BRIQ Brogue Velours Brown is the casual colleague of our BRIQ Brogue Black in glossy leather and therefore a perfect example of a business-casual shoe for men.

With our BRIQ Brogue Antique Brown, you can add a different colour to your outfit. In this version, the shoe is very stylish but slightly understated in its elegance.



Even a shoe without brogues can be the perfect business-casual shoe for men. Our BRIQ Prime Black lacks the decorative perforations, making it look much simpler than its classy counterpart.


Our PEAQ looks classy with its smooth black leather and brogues, but it's not a classic business shoe because the shape is too casual. It therefore fits perfectly with the business-casual look for the modern man.


Sneakers for men looking business casual

In recent years, sports shoes have also won their place in the business world. It always depends on the combination and can look very classy. 

A nice suit in light shades with dark sneakers is a perfect combination. However, you should choose your shoes carefully depending on the business environment!

A sneaker made of high-quality leather is perfect - the luxury version of a casual shoe. Overall, you should pay particular attention to the simplicity and elegance of the shoe. They can be casual, but should not be too eye-catching. Subtle colours are ideal - even for the laces, which should never contrast too strongly with the shoe! 

You can wear our comfortable PIQUANT in the Nappa Black version perfectly in the office. As this is a very minimalist sneaker, you can combine it with any outfit - our all-rounder among casual shoes with a business-casual look!


PIQUANT Nappa Black

You can combine our QORE Low Rafter with light-coloured chinos to skilfully set the scene for your business-casual look.


Our QRAND Cork Derby is made from the finest cork and stands for light elegance. With light-coloured suit trousers, it will turn your outfit into a real eye-catcher in summer - sporty, fresh, self-confident, but above all elegant!


The perfect business shoe for men in a casual look

The casual look gives the modern man plenty of freedom. You can hardly go wrong here. Blue jeans with a modern jacket and coloured sneakers? Yes, you can go for the casual look. However, you should always make sure that it is appropriate for the office.

If you're new to a company and have to dress casually, it's a good idea to wear a discreet business casual look on your first day. This way you are not too smart, but not too casual either. Look at the style of your male colleagues for the first few days and then adapt your outfit accordingly. That way you will definitely avoid putting your foot in it. Or would you feel comfortable if you were the only one in jeans? 

Which men's shoes go with a casual look in the office

Basically, you're pretty free to choose the right shoes. It can be a classy business shoe with jeans, but you can also wear sneakers.

However, it shouldn't look too casual, but still stylish! And the unwritten rule is: no matter how casual the shoe is, it must always be clean and well-groomed!

Our PIQUANT Sierra sets a great accent with its white sole and beautiful earthy colour scheme. It can be worn perfectly with jeans and a smart polo shirt.



Our SLOQ Blue is also suitable for the office. It looks smart, is casual and comfortable and yet absolutely fashionable.

If you pay attention to the aspects mentioned above, you can ultimately wear almost any sneaker. Take a look at all the models for men here and make the casual look your very own style:

All Sneakers for Men

The right business shoe for the modern man with ease

As you can see, it's not that difficult to find the right business shoe for men. With our ZAQQ barefoot shoes, you as a modern, self-confident man are always stylish and perfectly dressed for the occasion. You won't find more comfortable business shoes for men!

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