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Christoph finds his new QLEAR Dark Brown much more beautiful than presented in the shop photos. But not only that, he is also convinced of the comfort and wears the open barefoot shoe for hiking, house moves and even in the office. So he has found a summer shoe for every occasion.

We are happy that you like our QLEAR so much and wish you many great tours with it.


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I have been wearing barefoot shoes exclusively for about 6 years and am completely convinced of this concept. So far, I have mainly worn shoes from another company and was impressed by the quality. Unfortunately, a few of these shoes broke after a short period of wear, so I was looking for alternatives.









I had previously bought shoes from ZAQQ, which convinced me with their comfort and durability.

I was looking for an everyday option for a while, I had tried sandals with toe separators before but unfortunately didn't get on with them. Finally, I purchased the QLEAR Dark Brown sandal from ZAQQ, now about this shoe:












First of all, I find its appearance much more appealing than presented on the website. The shoe makes a robust and high-quality impression in terms of manufacturing and the materials used.

The lacing with the Velcro fastener in the middle of the foot is a nice gadget that ensures that nothing slithers around.

The toe box is sufficiently large, I was lucky with 45, my standard choice, this time too. The shoe doesn't slip or pinch the foot. The inner leather is pleasantly soft, I hope it doesn't wear through.









I have already used the shoe when moving to the 4th floor, have done several hikes and was regularly on longer bike tours.

What I notice positively is that the shoe is less reminiscent of a barefoot shoe, as the thin sole is apparently still padded from the inside. This means that the contact with the ground is not so direct, but it is pleasant and only cushioned slightly.

The QLEAR Dark Brown also seems to be built for endurance wear. Even after hours of walking, the shoe is comfortable on the foot, does not pinch and does not slip in any direction, as is often the case with barefoot shoes.








Moreover, the shoe looks very good and can also be worn in the office, since Covid19 the dress code in the office has become more relaxed. So even sitting in the office for a day is no problem.

Conclusion: This QLEAR Dark Brown is just right for me. It's airy, comfortable, durable and looks good too.








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