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Customer Experiences in Winter with ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes

Would you like to know how it feels to wear barefoot shoes in winter?

Customer feedback in winter

Our customers have tried it and are delighted! They talk about cosy feet despite the cold and snow and about the completely new walking experience that our shoes offer them in winter.

Be inspired by their reviews and discover how barefoot shoes can enrich your winter!

Feel free. feel ZAQQ.

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Warm & non-slip

Apart from the fact that they are comfortable and warm, I love them because the sole is so great at preventing slipping.

I tried them out today on icy paths and always felt safe. I've never had shoes like these before.

- Karin about QORE Mid Winter Black -

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No sweating, no odour 

I bought my Prequel in September 21. I've worn them almost every day since then (except in summer and off-road hiking) and I'm always amazed: no sweating, no odour - even after two years.

The upper material is really resistant to dirt, simply wipe with a damp cloth and you're done. Ingenious invention. [...]

The only drawback: unfortunately only available in one colour, otherwise I would have several pairs at the same time.

- E. Biebrich about PREQUEL Winter Vegan Black -

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Worth every cent

I've had these shoes for over a year now and can recommend them to anyone with complete conviction. They keep you nice and warm when it's cold outside - at first I doubted this because of the thin sole - but my doubts were not confirmed. Of course, I also have to say that I feel more comfortable at -10 degrees with additional thick socks, but that is purely my subjective opinion. The fact that there is also fur on the footbed means that they keep you very warm as it is - but at very low temperatures at the latest with thick socks. The cut of the shoe also allows this without making the foot feel constricted in any way. They are also very comfortable to walk in. I have never felt so comfortable in a winter shoe before. ...

... The foot has space and above all can roll easily and I walk much more consciously because the sole is nice and soft. Even after long walks, I don't have any back pain when I wear the shoes. What I also find very positive is that the leather is still as soft and smooth as on the first day. I have always cared for them with a cleaning foam and black shoe polish, nothing more. No scratches, no brittle areas - that's how you recognise the very good quality of the nappa leather. All in all a 12 out of 10, I have already ordered two more pairs which I received today and they fit like a glove. Never again will I buy any other shoes, they are worth every cent! ❤️

- Alisa about QUINTIC Winter Waterproof Black -

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Absolute top product

I have been wearing barefoot shoes exclusively for 10 years and since then I have tried out "winter barefoot shoes" from all kinds of manufacturers. This has actually led to the realisation that "winter" and "barefoot shoes" are two incompatible opposites... In fact, the "Quintic Winter" is the first real "winter barefoot shoe" worthy of the name! Amazingly warm, even at -10°, super-flexible, high-quality workmanship and incredibly comfortable to wear. The very soft leather moulds perfectly to the shape of the foot. Really an absolutely top product, a big compliment to the shoemakers! 

- Markus about QUINTIC Winter Black -

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The standard of all things

What do you wear to walk through mud and snow in winter? The Expeq has become my first choice. Super comfortable and easy to clean, the purchase was really worth it.

- Thomas about EXPEQ-Black Waterproof -

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The grip is great 

Great hiking boots, slip them on and start walking. It really is like that. You don't need to break them in. The grip is great and they are waterproof too. The price is definitely worth it. Now I hope it will be my companion for a few years.

- Marion about TREQ Camel Waterproof - 

(Photos of TREQ Cognac Waterproof)

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Feet stay dry & warm 

I am so happy with this shoe. Whether it's wet meadows (the endurance test) or snow, my feet stay dry and warm.

- Katrin about EXPEQ Vegan Cuoio -

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Lightweight & super grip 

After breaking them in, they were the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. Not really for the warmer months, but perfect for the transitional period, and even on my first hike in the snow and sub-zero temperatures, my feet remained pleasantly dry and warm. Because of the slightly thicker sole, it's not the absolute barefoot feeling, but the shoes are light and have great grip. Hopefully the shoes will last a long time. Recommended purchase!

- Frank about TERRAQ Azure Waterproof -

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Pleasantly warm in the snow 

Wearing these shoes for the second year. Super comfortable and pleasantly warm even on a long winter walk in the snow. Well worth the money.

- Werner about ARQ Black -

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