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Barefoot walking: The advantages of Earthing

Have you ever heard of Earthing or Grounding? This approach is about the effects that direct physical contact with the electrons of the earth's surface has on our health. When walking barefoot in nature, you are automatically connected to the earth's surface.

Numerous reports indicate that the contact with the electrons of the earth's surface leads to surprising physiological and psychological changes in the body, which increase well-being and health. Among other things, it is reported that walking barefoot outdoors or sitting or lying in nature can relieve pain and balance out sleep disorders. 

Scientific studies, e.g. by Chevalier et al. 2012 or Sokal & Sokal 2011, also show that persons who have used Earthing have experienced positive effects on the body. In this article we will go into more detail about Earthing.


Earthing in human history

In prehistoric times, people walked either barefoot or in improvised footwear made of animal skins to better protect their feet. In addition, prehistoric people slept on the ground, usually on animal skins or furs, to better protect themselves from the cold. At that time, humans were always in direct contact with electrons on the earth's surface. 

By wearing shoes with thick soles, living in massive houses or walking on asphalt surfaces, we are nowadays almost completely cut off from the flow of electrons from the earth's surface.

Could the sharp increase in chronic diseases, sleep disorders, immune and inflammatory diseases also be related to the fact that we are disconnected from the earth's surface? Chevalier et al. 2012 address this question in their study and show the positive effects of Earthing on our health.


The principle of grounding and walking barefoot

Surely you have already experienced how good it feels to take off your shoes and put your feet on the grass. Many people also find walking barefoot on a sandy beach an absolute blessing. But why does it feel so good to touch the surface of the earth with bare feet?

Quite simple, when walking barefoot there is an exchange of energy with the earth. Our body is electrically charged just like the earth. By earthing, we connect with the earth's energy. By walking barefoot, unwanted electrons that cause stress and fatigue are set free and beneficial energy is charged.

According to Chevalier et al. 2012, the earth's surface is a universally available, surprisingly beneficial, yet overlooked global resource for health maintenance, disease prevention and clinical therapy.


Earthing in practice - how long do you have to walk barefoot?

After just 80 minutes of barefoot walking, there is a better oxygen supply throughout the body and the metabolism is boosted. At the same time, the energy exchange during earthing ensures that pain and inflammation are relieved. The whole body feels energised. No surprise, then, that we find walking barefoot on natural soil so pleasant.

There is no general answer to how often you should do Earthing in order to feel the positive effects. It is important to listen to your own body. Once you have consciously experienced the benefits of Earthing on your own body, you will know best when you need the healing earth energy again.

By the way, it is not absolutely necessary to always walk barefoot. Earthing can also be done comfortably in a garden chair, simply by placing your bare feet on the natural ground and reading a book.

To achieve a greater effect, you can lie down on the grass with your whole body or do exercises such as yoga, qi gong or tai chi. 


Health benefits of earthing during sleep

Studies show that the connection to the earth also has enormous positive effects on the body during sleep. This can easily be realised through special conductive mattresses or toppers.

Sokal & Sokal 2011 come to the conclusion in their study that earthing the human organism during sleep causes a reduction in serum concentrations of iron, ionised calcium and inorganic phosphorus as well as a reduction in the renal excretion of calcium and phosphorus. Furthermore, earthing during the sleep period has a positive effect on the formation of thyroxine, a hormone that is important for the thyroid gland.

Patients with diabetes were also able to lower their blood sugar levels during the continuous use of Earthing during sleep.

Further studies show that Earthing also has a tremendous impact on stress levels. Through various measurement methods, it was found that the grounded patients had significantly better levels than those in the control group (Chevalier et al. 2012).

Many field reports and studies clearly show that the energies of the earth's surface have a positive effect on our health. So it is important to reconnect with these energies. This can be realised quite simply by walking barefoot on a regular basis.


Practising barefoot walking - Our ZAQQ barefoot shoes will help you

The foot is naturally made to walk barefoot. We don't need modern shoes that absorb shock and have a much too thick sole with a heel. On the contrary, they disconnect us from the earth's surface and its energies. 

Unfortunately, nowadays we are no longer used to walk barefoot and often cannot even move for more than 10 minutes without footwear, as muscle tension or even pain occur after only a short time. People who have been walking exclusively in modern footwear for years have to get used to it. Muscles have to be developed and the ligaments and tendons have to become more flexible again. 

Barefoot shoes are an alternative way to practice barefoot walking even with footwear. They allow your feet to move naturally. Our ZAQQ barefoot shoes are all designed with a particularly thin and highly flexible sole so that your foot can roll naturally. They are also designed so that your foot has enough space to move freely. You may find barefoot shoes too wide at first, but after a while you will realise that your foot needs this space because during natural walking it builds up muscles that are necessary for a safe and stable walk.




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Karol Sokal, Pawel Sokal 2011: Earthing the Human Body Influences Physiologic Processes, J Altern Complement Med. 2011 Apr; 17(4): 301–308.


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