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Through the cold winter with ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes

And there it is, the freezing cold. Who doesn't like to snuggle up at home? But a walk in the fresh air is so good for you. Is your inner self getting in the way because you quickly get cold feet? That doesn't have to be the case!

Your walk in the fresh air will be a pleasure even in winter if you wear the right Barefoot Shoes. And remember, exercise is not only good for your body, but also for your mind.















Cold feet - what's behind it?

Our body is a miracle of nature! Nobody wants to be cold, but did you know that cold feet are a protective function of the body? In cooler temperatures, the blood vessels in the outer extremities, i.e. in the hands and feet, constrict. As a result, they are no longer supplied with blood as well and consequently cool down. This is how the body protects the vital internal organs.










Sweaty feet can also cause a feeling of coldness

Perhaps you have experienced this yourself? With your warmly lined shoes you froze more after a while than with the transition shoes? That doesn't sound plausible at first, but there is a very simple explanation. When your feet start to sweat and the moisture cannot escape due to the lack of breathability, your feet cool down.

This is exactly why we pay great attention to high breathability in all ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes, especially in our warmly lined winter models. 









And the barefoot soles?

Yes, our ZAQQ Barefoot Soles are particularly thin and flexible to permit the natural movement of the foot. This allows your foot to move freely and to roll strongly. As a result, many muscles in your feet and legs are used, which in turn ensures optimal blood circulation and warm feet.

So you don't have to worry about freezing more with ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes than in conventional shoes. And for feet that are sensitive to cold, we have warmly lined winter models.







Warmly lined ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes


You freeze easily and are generally very sensitive to the cold? Then play it safe! You need a warmly lined barefoot shoe that keeps your feet cosy and warm even on icy cold floors.

<<All warmly lined ZAQQs for women can be found here!>>

<<All warmly lined ZAQQs for men can be found here!>>









You want it more flexible? Our tips for unlined Barefoot Shoes

You'd rather have a shoe that you can also wear in spring and autumn?

Our tip:

Wear our unlined models with high-quality wool socks. Make sure the wool content is as high as possible (at least 70%). It's best to try thin wool socks first. Since the wool content has a high thermal effect, fine wool socks are usually sufficient. 






The right ZAQQ Barefoot Shoe is waiting for you

Which ZAQQ you choose depends on your personal feeling for cold and your preferences for design and function. That's why we are always on the lookout for new trends, so that you can find exactly the barefoot shoe you want.

And one thing is guaranteed with all ZAQQs: the high wearing comfort that gives you ZAQQ lightness with every step.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.

<<All ZAQQ barefoot shoes for women can be found here!>>


<<All ZAQQ barefoot shoes for men can be found here!>>





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