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Our brand new barefoot shoe models in July 2020

We have some great news!

We have been working hard on new models over the last few months and can now finally present our new barefoot shoes. A lot of work and time has gone into the development of the new models. But the effort was absolutely worth it. You'll be thrilled, because we are too!

Curtain up for QUSQO, QAMPION, ZARQA & Co - your new barefoot shoes from ZAQQ!


Our new barefoot sneakers and barefoot running shoes

Fresh, unique and modern: These are our new sneakers in the online shop:

QUSQO –  the sporty barefoot shoe for modern women

ZAQQ-Barfussschuhe-Sneaker-QUSQOQUSQO is your perfect companion for warm summer days. With its vibrant colours, it will also put you in a really good mood. The sporty sneakers are not only stylish to wear in everyday life, but also offer you perfect support during sport. They are super flexible, light as a feather and breathable. Do you need more?


QAMPION - the sporty sneaker for modern menQAMPION-Barfuss-Sneaker

Our QAMPION is available in three different colours: White, Brown and Navy Red. Which one do you like best? All three have one thing in common - the name says it all! Our QAMPION ensures that you are always at the top of your game. And not only that, you'll also look absolutely fashionable in these sneakers!


ZARQA - lightweight mesh sneakerZARQA-Barfussschuhe-Sneaker

Stylish and absolutely breathable mesh with material reinforcement in particularly sensitive areas - that's our stylish ZARQA sneaker. We have produced it in three different colours: Red for women and Blue and Black for men. With ZARQA, you'll be looking forward to the next run after your last one. Lightweight, breathable and stylish!


QONTAQT - sporty unisex barefoot shoeQONTAQT-Barfuss-Runningschuh

Sporty, stylish and yet absolutely down-to-earth - that's our QONTAQT. You're guaranteed never to lose your footing in them! The new barefoot sneaker will quickly win your heart, whether you're doing sport or strolling around town.


QOM - Your new barefoot boot

We have outdone ourselves with our new barefoot boots. We are so impressed with our new model that we have produced our QOM in five different colours. The barefoot boot is discreetly understated in grey, black and cognac, while it shows its bold side in red and blue. QOM is love at first sight, the only question is which colour will end up in your shopping basket.




After the launch of the new models is also before the launch. We will soon have more new barefoot shoes in our collection. It won't be long now, so check back soon. It's always exciting at ZAQQ!

But now we're really excited to see which new barefoot shoe model will be the first to sell out. Don't wait too long, because we only have a limited number in stock.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ!

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