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New barefoot shoes: it pays to be quick

We have been inspired by all-time favourites and new shoe trends and today we present our new ankle-high boots and sneakers that will make you feel like walking on clouds.

Clear the stage for DAQOTA, RAQO, PARQER, QODY, ROQA and CEDRIQ. We can't wait to see which barefoot shoe will be most popular in autumn 2020.


In addition to our brand new models, you will of course find many other shoe designs in our shop. You're sure to find your new favourite. Take a look right now:


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You can't go wrong with ankle high boots. From autumn to spring you will enjoy your comfortable ankle boots every day. In really cold temperatures they offer you much more protection than sneakers and on warmer days they are a bit more airy than knee-high boots.

As sustainability becomes more and more important, ankle boots give you a barefoot shoe that you can wear almost all year round. Add some comfortable barefoot sneakers, barefoot sandals and cosy slippers and your wardrobe is complete.


DAQOTA Waterproof Grey for men and women

A lace-up boot is a must this year! But you don't even have to lace up DAQOTA. The elastic strap allows you to easily widen the ankle-high barefoot boot to get in comfortably.

Our DAQOTA is the ultra-comfortable, waterproof outdoor boot that you simply have to have. The barefoot shoe not only accompanies you to outdoor activities, it also sweetens your everyday life. Thanks to its modern, simple design, the mid-height boot simply always fits!

The barefoot boot is available in both women's and men's sizes.


DAQOTA Waterproof Grey


>>See DAQOTA Grey – click here!


DAQOTA Waterproof Black


>>See DAQOTA Black – click here!


PARQER for women and men

PARQER is the perfect combination of stylish leisure shoe and outdoor boot. With this barefoot shoe, you are perfectly equipped for strolling around town as well as for hiking. With PARQER, you will earn many envious glances - a mid-height boot that will take hearts by storm!

The lace-up boot was sold out in most sizes shortly after its release. We are very pleased that the design of this comfortable barefoot shoe is convincing. That's why we are already busy producing more. You still need a little patience until all sizes are available again. And then you should be quick to catch your favourite boot before someone else does.

Do you want this barefoot shoe in another colour? Just let us know in the comments below. If there's enough demand, we'll be happy to produce other versions.


>>See PARQER Brown – click here!


ROQA for women and men

ROQA is the classic among the half-height barefoot boots. Its design is simply timeless. Thanks to its reduced and harmonious design, you are completely flexible in your choice of outfit. It simply always fits. Our ROQA is your new half-height sneaker that will inspire you. Now you just have to choose between three colours!

We can't wait to see which colour will be sold out first. Don't hesitate too long if you still want to call a ROQA your own in the cooler season.

ROQA Black


>>See ROQA Black – click here!


ROQA Cloud


>>See ROQA Cloud – click here!




>>See ROQA Grey – click here! 


RAQO - the vegan midcut sneaker for modern men

Our vegan RAQO offers you comfort, stability and support and looks incredibly stylish at the same time. The mid-cut sneaker in a fresh design will always put you in a good mood. It's the perfect choice for autumn, because its high cut keeps your feet nice and warm.

RAQO is the vegan barefoot sneaker for all modern men who want more in life! Are you already wearing them? If not, what are you waiting for?


>>See RAQO – click here! 


QODY - the elegant barefoot sneaker for men

QODY is the modern and elegant barefoot sneaker that simply cuts a fine figure for any occasion. In its noble brown shade, it looks elegant and yet is ultra-modern. Whether you wear it with stylish trousers for the office or with casual jeans, QODY is the best choice for you!

QODY is currently still in stock in all sizes. But experience shows that this can change very quickly. If you want to impress in autumn with this stylish barefoot shoe, you should get it now.


>>See QODY – click here! 


CEDRIQ - Red for women, blue for men

Brand new and in a mega fresh design, our CEDRIQ is your incredibly lightweight barefoot sneaker that is simply unbeatable in terms of feel and look. One thing is for sure - with this sneaker you will attract a lot of attention!

Our red CEDRIQ is already available, the blue CEDRIQ, which will also be available in men's sizes, is coming soon. But we can tell you one thing right now: Get them quick, we only have a few sizes in stock.


>>See CEDRIQ – click here! 


We want you to find exactly the shoe you've always wanted: stylish, comfortable and sustainably produced. No problem with ZAQQ!

Take a look at our online shop. We have a huge selection of healthy barefoot shoes. Your favourite shoe is guaranteed to be there!

You have a wish? Give it to us! Write us in the comments if you want one of our comfortable barefoot shoes in a different colour or with a different material. We always try to fulfil all our customers' wishes and put every single one on our wish list. So hit the keys and make a wish!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ!

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