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With just 3 pairs of shoes throughout the year

Do you have too many shoes, most of which are unused in your shoe cupboard?

A reduced shoe selection can be very liberating! Sometimes less is more. 

You only need three pairs of shoes 

If you only want to own a few shoes, it's important to choose well right from the start.

Here are our tips.

1. Comfort

The most important thing with new shoes is comfort. Uncomfortable shoes take up space on your shoe shelf because, to be honest, you never wear them. 

So it's a good thing that our ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes are designed for maximum comfort. 

2. Design

If you only want to own a few shoes, you should favour models that are timeless and go with everything. So choose simple designs in subtle colours. 

3. Purpose and Season

Basically, 3 pairs of shoes are enough:

A pair of waterproof shoes that in winter can be worn with woollen socks, a pair of casual sneakers that you can also wear for sports and a pair of sandals for hot days.

You can complete your shoe wardrobe with an elegant pair of Barefoot Shoes to be dressed appropriately for formal occasions and festivities.

Simple, solid-coloured, comfortable - here are our suggestions for your minimalist shoe collection for the whole year! 

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.





For Outdoor & City 

Lightweight, flexible and waterproof - our EXPEQ Waterproof impresses with maximum comfort and functionality.

Your feet stay dry and warm in wind and weather, while the breathable membrane keeps them well ventilated when the sun shines.

And if you want even more, you can wear these barefoot shoes not only with hiking trousers, but also with any urban outfit thanks to the elegant and wonderfully simple design.

>> EXPEQ << 







For Sport & City 

QNIT is the versatile sneaker that motivates you to top performance as your sports buddy. They're just as good for wearing with casual outfits in the city.

Go for grey, black or white to be able to wear these barefoot trainers with any outfit.

>> QNIT << 









For hot days 

With our models SLIQ, FLAQE or CLIQ, you have simple designs and subtle colours such as black, brown or beige that simply go with any outfit.

In the shop, however, you have a huge selection of feminine barefoot sandals. Take a look now and grab your favourite to make the most of the first warm day.










For summer 

If you want to slip in and out quickly, our QOSS flip-flop is just right. Our QLEAR offers a little more support and can also be used for easy hikes.

If you buy QLEAR Black and wear it with black socks, it looks like a normal sneaker, perfect for spring.











Elegant even through the rain 

Whether you're attending an important business meeting or an elegant evening event, you'll always look confident in these derbies.

Enjoy the luxurious comfort of our BRIQ Black Waterproof, which will get you through the day with style and elegance even in the rain.











For an elegant appearance

Sometimes it has to be more elegant. Our QARMA is the elegant ballerina barefoot shoe that always fits. In its shiny leather, it looks stylish with any business outfit, and goes just as well with shorts or a skirt in your free time.

Want something more playful? Take a look in the shop, we have your favourite ballerina!










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