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White Sneakers from ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes

No matter what the season, white sneakers have become an indispensable part of the fashion world. And it's by no means just sporty models that can be seen. If you look around at fashion shows, designers and fashion bloggers, you will discover a huge selection of very different styles.

And the best thing is: they are outstripping heels! And let's be honest, if you have the choice between a mega-comfortable and absolutely stylish ZAQQ barefoot shoe and an uncomfortable shoe with a stiletto heel, the decision is not difficult, is it?

A white sneaker is a must-have in the wardrobe of both fashion-conscious men and women. And it's no wonder, because they are so versatile that they simply always fit. White sneakers look good with jeans and a T-shirt. But they have also become absolutely fashionable with a suit. With their white colour, they bring lightness and elegance to your look, no matter what outfit you're wearing.

From classic white sneakers to extravagant models, we are sure to have your favourite in our ZAQQ shop to accompany you through the day in ultra-comfort. All ZAQQ barefoot shoes have one thing in common - they are ultra-comfortable and will not only sweeten your spring and summer, but will also provide you with comfort and style all year round.

Set the stage for our white sneakers - barefoot shoes that range from sporty to elegant. Choose the one that perfectly suits your preferences and individual style.



All White-Sneaker - it doesn't get whiter than this!

For you, it can' t get white enough? You don't want to risk too much and like it absolutely minimalistic? Then definitely check out our all-white sneakers. Made from fine, shiny nappa leather, our PIQUANT Nappa Bianco has a classic design.

If you want something a little breezier, we also have the right barefoot shoe for you. Our SLOQ model in white offers you particularly high breathability with its perforated structure and is therefore perfect for summer.





Weiße Sneakers


White sneaker-barefoot shoes that every lady must have

Your sneaker should not only be white, but also shine in a feminine design? We have it! Our QELLY stands out with its fine embroidery and our QOOQY is not only sugary sweet, but also brings glamour into play with the gold-coloured accents.

Both barefoot shoes go perfectly with dresses, shorter culottes or even jeans and always add that little something extra to your look.




Vegan white Sneaker Barfoot Shoes

Sustainability and environmental awareness are extremely important to you. That's why you prefer vegan materials? We understand that well! With these white sneakers you not only look good, but also prove that it doesn't always have to be leather.

Check out our QORE Low Vegan White in a classic design or if you want something sportier, our SQIP White. Both barefoot shoes are not only versatile and easy to combine, but also give you an incomparable wearing comfort.

You'll also love the QNIT White in cotton knit, because with this barefoot shoe you'll be at the forefront of sports and also look fantastic with any casual outfit.





White sneakers with coloured laces

You like it white, but you can't do without a little colour? Then go for coloured laces. Any colour will stand out on white sneakers - try green, blue or red laces. 

Your look will be perfect if the colour of your laces is reflected in your outfit. This can be done with small details like a belt or a necklace, but it can also be highlighted by choosing your shirt or jacket in the same colour.




Combining white sneakers

White sneakers are hipper than ever! A few years ago, the fashion magazine Vogue predicted the end of this comfortable trend and relied on heeled shoes. But far from it! Not only on covers of the most famous fashion magazines, but also on the catwalks and among fashion bloggers, white sneakers are more popular than ever.

White sneakers are so versatile and changeable that it is impossible to limit them to a single style. With jeans, suit trousers, skirts and dresses, casual or chic, you decide! It is a fact that they will add a sporty and elegant touch to any outfit.


Elegant with a suit

For a particularly elegant look, go for wide suit trousers combined with a tailored jacket and wear with an all-white sneaker like our PIQUANT Nappa Bianco. Simple, fresh, confident!


With a dress

For an urban look, combine your favourite dress with white sneakers. Our barefoot shoe models QELLY and QOOQY with their feminine design are made for your summer dresses. 

Long and loose-fitting dresses can also be combined with white sneakers to turn your look into a trendy street style. 


With jeans

With classic jeans, white barefoot shoes add elegance to your look. It's particularly casual with used jeans and a light-coloured shirt. 




Cleaning white sneakers

To keep white sneakers looking smart, you need to clean them well and take good care of them. Before wearing them for the first time, you should treat your barefoot shoes with a dirt-repellent protective spray. This makes it easy to remove light dirt with a dry cloth. 

It is very important that you never put your white ZAQQ barefoot shoes in the washing machine, as this can warp the material. It is more gentle to clean the surfaces by hand. 

We have listed the best way to do this for each type of material in our care instructions. 

>> Click here for the care instructions for your ZAQQ barefoot shoes! <<


Have you already found your white sneakers for the coming season? If not, you know where to find them!

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