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Cool autumn trends 2021 with barefoot shoes

Autumn is finally here! Now it's time to get the warmer clothes out of the wardrobe and prepare for the cooler days. Comfort is key this year and the trends can be perfectly combined with our barefoot shoes.

The Pantone trend colours Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray are still set for autumn. In addition, beige, pink, rich green, blue-grey and Bordeaux-red should not be missing from your outfits.














Autumn Trend 1: Chic combinations with hoodies

Everyone has a hoodie in her wardrobe. Incredibly comfortable at home or for jogging in the park, they are simply perfect. But how about a hoodie for an office look? Not possible? Yes it is!

Just combine your hoodie with more elegant clothes and stylish shoes. Then the whole outfit still looks casual, but at the same time is absolutely office-appropriate if you don't have to follow a strict business dress code.

Light-coloured hoodies in white or beige generally look a bit classier. If you wear a blazer over it, nothing can go wrong. It's best to choose an oversized blazer, which should be at least one size larger, because you're wearing your warm hoodie underneath.

If you're looking for something more chic, pair it with a matching skirt or elegant fabric trousers and choose stylish shoes to go with it.

Our business model IQON is perfect for this look. Our ATTRAQT barefoot boots are also suitable.








Autumn trend 2: Bootcut jeans

This year, flared jeans have experienced a real revival. Celebrities are leading the way and combining them with casual sneakers. Whether you want a flared leg or something more subtle, bootcut jeans cut a great figure. If you wear the jeans down to the floor, they even visually lengthen your leg.

The shoes are usually only visible at the top because of the flare. You should pay attention to this and choose a ZAQQ barefoot shoe that has the material and colour in the forefront that perfectly matches your look. You can really let it rip with bright colours and add another accent, but you can also choose a completely discreet barefoot shoe - just the way you like it.









Autumn Trend 3: Eye-catching collars

Collars? Yes, that's right, Peter Pan collars are all the rage this autumn. Whether on a dress or a blouse, the collar can't be flashy enough. 

If you choose a blouse with a Peter Pan collar, you can easily create a bobby look. We therefore recommend feminine barefoot shoes. Our loafers or ballerinas are the best choice.

If you wear a dress, it all depends on the cut. It can also be combined with barefoot sneakers. But you can never go wrong with feminine barefoot shoes as mentioned above!




Autumn Trend 4: Cool Shackets

Comfortable is all the rage and you definitely need a checked shirt this autumn. You can wear it as a jacket on warmer days and choose an oversized one. If you like it more figure-hugging, you can also wear the shacket in a sexy way. Choose a tight-fitting one and tuck it into your trousers or skirt. You can also unbutton it a little further to show more cleavage.

Shackets go best with cool barefoot boots. How about our QEY WEST?







Autumn trend 5: Fake fur and fluffy barefoot boots

Fake fur is back in style for autumn 2021. Whether it's the entire coat or just the collar, tops or accessories such as a bag, fake fur can't be missed.

If you want to continue this look on your feet, you have to know our models HUQ, HYGGELIG and TORQ.









Autumn Trend 6: Knitwear 

Ob selbstgestrickt oder teures Designerstück, Strickmode gehört in dieser Saison einfach dazu. Du hast die freie Wahl an Farben und Formen. Knallige Akzente und auffällige Muster oder eher gedeckte Farben und Formen – beides findest Du in Hülle und Fülle.

Ein Strickkleid kannst Du perfekt mit Boots kombinieren. An sonnigen Herbsttagen wird Dich unser QYLIE begeistern. Willst Du Deine Füße warm umhüllen, brauchst Du unsere Modelle QATCH und ATTRAQT.






Autumn Trend 7: Leather looks 

Especially smooth leather looks are trendy this autumn. You can choose tops, trousers or skirts with leather inserts or entire pieces made of leather. Whether you go for real leather or vegan faux leather is up to your individual preferences.

Which barefoot shoes go with leather looks? Of course, the ones that shine nicely and look like leather. We have both vegan materials and nappa leather shoes that go perfectly with these looks.


Whether it's a brand new ZAQQ or last year's, with our barefoot shoes you're buying a quality product that has been precisely handcrafted and will last you for many seasons.

With a ZAQQ, you're not only styled to perfection in autumn, but you're also doing something good for your feet.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.


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