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Chelsea Boots Barefoot Shoes from classy to fancy

It's getting warmer, the spring sun shines more and more often and the warmly lined barefoot shoes can slowly be replaced with transitional models. For many ZAQQ wearers this means they can finally wear their Chelsea boots again.

Why are our ZAQQ Chelsea boots so popular? The answer becomes redundant when you feel our barefoot shoes on your feet. A feeling of walking on clouds and still being absolutely grounded - our Chelsea Boots make it possible. The ankle boots came into fashion in the 1960s. Everyone who was a bit of a show-off had to have Chelsea boots. With the Beetles, who always wore their Chelsea Boots on the stages of the world and looked incredibly smart while doing so, a real hype about these boots started. However, the ankle boots with their typical elastic side sections have been around for much longer. Originally, they were designed as shorter riding boots and used for exactly this purpose. The original always has a heel to prevent slipping away in the stirrup. In the meantime, however, there is a huge range of very different designs, from absolutely flat to extremely high, from elegant to ultra-modern.

We in the ZAQQ team are also enthusiastic Chelsea Boots wearers - but only in their barefoot version. Our EQUITY, SPARQLE, QOLLINS and QEY WEST models are characterised by the highest level of wearing comfort and will inspire you as much as they do us. The absolutely flat sole with its high flexibility gives you the corresponding barefoot feeling and allows your foot to roll naturally. The light weight and the wide-cut front section provide further comfort. But our ZAQQ Chelsea boots don't have to hide behind the original in terms of looks either. From stylishly elegant to strikingly modern, we have a wide selection. And of course, every barefoot shoe is sewn by hand in our factory. Attention to detail is particularly important to us and you will not only see this in our barefoot shoes, but also feel it when you walk. With ZAQQ Chelsea boots you can walk comfortably and stylishly through many months of the year. It is said that there is even someone in the ZAQQ team who wears them all year round, but unfortunately we are not allowed to mention the name. Curtain up and a big round of applause for our comfortable ZAQQ Chelsea Boots barefoot shoes!



Classic black Barefoot Chelsea Boots for women and men

Classic and always suitable: our EQUITY Black is timelessly beautiful. As a man, you can wear them elegantly with a suit, but they also go well with jeans. As a lady, you are also quite flexible regarding your choice of outfit. The black colour of this barefoot boot always matches and it looks great not only with trousers but also with a skirt.



>> Check out EQUITY Black << 

Chelsea Boots Barefoot Shoes with Broguings

You want it simple, but you still want it to have something special? Then our Chelsea boots with brogues are just right for you. The perforations are precisely handcrafted into the leather and make these barefoot shoes look particularly elegant. We have our EQUITY Brogue in black and in cognac, a beautiful, warm brown shade.


>> Check out EQUITY Brogue Black << 

Chelsea-Boots-Barfussschuhe-Broguings-2 >> Check out EQUITY Brogue Cognac << 

Chelsea-Boots-Barfussschuhe-Broguings-3 >> Check out EQUITY Brogue Black << 


Chelsea Boots made of suede

Plain and simple, but with suede leather for extra charm, here are Chelsea boots that go with any casual outfit and just look cool. Now you just have to choose between the colours cognac, terra and black!

Chelsea-Boots-braun-Damen >> Check out EQUITY Cognac << Chelsea-Boots-schwarz-Damen >> Check out EQUITY Velours Black << Chelsea-Boots-Veloursleder >> Check out EQUITY Terra <<



Our SPARQLE Shine Velours Black is the Chelsea boot that is particularly feminine with its applied gemstones and yet goes with everything thanks to its simple black design.


>> Check out SPARQLE Shine Velours Black << 


Fancy Barefoot Chelsea Boots

You definitely want your Chelsea boot to stand out from the crowd? No problem! Our barefoot shoe models QEY West and QOLLINS are the ultra-modern chelseas. In addition, we have produced our classic EQUITY in an exciting red raspberry shade - simply magical, isn't it?


>> Check out EQUITY Berry << 




Our QEY West has two special features: the striking giraffe pattern and the ultra-modern sneaker sole. By the way, you can also find QEY West as a black Chelsea boot.


>> Check out QEY West << 



Our QOLLINS is the barefoot shoe with the WOW effect. This Chelsa boot stands out with its light blue colour, the special structure of the suede and the ultra-modern sneaker sole. By the way, our QOLLINS will soon also be available in brown.


>> Check out QOLLINS << 


ZAQQ barefoot shoes can do it all, as you can see! From classically elegant to ultra-modern cool, you have a wide choice even among our Chelsea boots. Have you already found your favourite? Write us in the comments!


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