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Barefoot shoes you must have in autumn

It still feels like summer will never end. Nevertheless, it's now time to get ready for the cooler days of the year, because it won't be long before we have to reach for warmer clothes and shoes. For the transition we can comfort ourselves with loafers, ballerinas and sneakers until it's time for the warmer barefoot shoes.

We have good news for you. Comfort is becoming more and more important in the fashion world, which means that flat shoes will be particularly popular in autumn 2020. You can put away your sandals and flip-flops now. But don't worry, with our comfortable barefoot shoes autumn can come and we are looking forward to it!

We show you the autumn trends for ballerinas, sneakers, ankle boots and boots. We guarantee you won't be able to wait to put on your stylish barefoot shoes for the cooler days.

Loafers, moccasins and ballerinas - feminine barefoot shoes for warmer autumn days

Loafers and ballerinas are a must-have for every woman. Wear them barefoot with a skirt and jeans on warm days and with tights on cooler days. This way you can enjoy wearing the slip-on shoes for several months and always look especially feminine. They are also perfect for travelling because they take up very little space in your suitcase. Wear your sneakers or boots when travelling and put your moccasins or ballerinas in your luggage. That way, you have your comfortable barefoot shoes with you for every occasion.


QERP Black

Our QERP Black moccasin is the superstar for autumn. A slip-on shoe couldn't be more stylish or feminine. The barefoot shoe characteristics making it the most comfortable companion, it's simply unbeatable. QERP Black is dressy with the decorative bow, yet subtle enough to go with all outfits. Wear it with any skirt, suit or jeans - it will always add a touch of elegance to your look.


QERP Black - click here!


And if you only want one shoe, it has to be a simple black ballerina that goes with everything. You can wear it with jeans, with a skirt, with a suit and even with jogging pants. We recommend our QARMA Black. You will have many years of comfort with this barefoot shoe and wear it for almost every occasion.


QARMA Black - click here!

If you like it more playful, in other colours and shapes, you are guaranteed to find your comfortable barefoot ballerina in our shop. Take a look right now!

>> All barefoot ballerinas - click here!

Barefoot boots - a must in autumn

A boot that looks decent and feminine is something everyone should have in their shoe closet. You can replace your ballerinas with boots when it gets too cold for an open barefoot shoe. Here we present the boots that are particularly trendy in autumn.

Along with long coats, trench coats and knitwear, boots of all kinds are part of autumn. You'll be totally trendy with our flat barefoot boots. This year, eye-catching models with buckles and studs as well as lace-up boots lead the league. But boots with brogues are also particularly popular.

Of course, the classics can't be missing this autumn either, they will probably never get out of fashion. These include the plain ankle-high models, but also the knee-high, boots. They look particularly sexy and can be wonderfully combined with feminine outfits.


Chelsea boots - the most popular boots in autumn for decades

The Chelsea boot already became popular in the sixties. Everyone wore them, but the Beatles made them especially famous. The elastic inserts on both sides give these ankle-high boots their typical look, but also ensure that you can slip into them easily.

This autumn, black and brown Chelsea boots with or without brogues are particularly popular. Patterns reminiscent of animal skins are also very popular! Our barefoot Chelsea boots will inspire you and you'll love wearing them from autumn to spring.




The classic among our barefoot Chelsea boots is our EQUITY Black. In its simple design, it is a long-time favourite and often sold out. Soon new sizes will come into stock and then it's time for you to be quick before it's out of stock again.

EQUITY Black - click here!


Our EQUITY is not only available in black, but also in other colours, materials and with broguings. We are sure that your comfortable barefoot Chelsea boot is among them. Take a look at all the models right now:


SPARQLE Shine Velours Black


SPARQLE Shine truly lives up to its name. The Chelsea boot shines out of the crowd thanks to the gemstones. SPARQLE is your sparkling Chelsea boot that will impress you.

SPARQLE Shine - click here!




You want to present your wild side? Then our QEY WEST Cognac is just the right barefoot shoe for autumn. With its giraffe look and autumn colour, you'll be an absolute eye-catcher with this boot.

QEY WEST Cognac - click here!


Motorbike boots - barefoot shoes can also look rocky

You love to rock and want your barefoot shoe to stand out from the crowd? Then be sure to check out our barefoot shoes in the style of motorbike boots. Decorated with studs and buckles, you'll be the star everywhere!

QLANCE Gold & Silver


Whether in gold or silver, nothing can go wrong with this boot. It's packed with self-confidence - with QLANCE you'll rock the autumn!

QLANCE Gold & Silver - click here!


Lace-up boots - the casual barefoot shoes for autumn

In the 90s, everyone who wanted to look cool walked around with lace-up boots of a certain brand. Linda Perry from 4 Non Blondes was never on stage without her boots. Even today, lace-up boots are simply part of every casual leisure look. You don't have any yet? Then it's about time! 

QUINTIC Brogue Cognac


When we look at our QUINTIC, a line from Nancy Sinatra keeps coming to mind: "These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do". It doesn't get any cooler, more confident or more comfortable than with this lace-up boot!

QUINTIC Brogue Cognac - click here! 




Why always leather? Merino wool is the ideal material in autumn - wonderfully breathable and even temperature-regulating! Our QICE lace-up boots not only come in merino wool, but also in vegan versions. Take a look at all the models right now!

QICE - click here!





PARQER Brown is our brand new bestseller. Never has a barefoot shoe sold out faster shortly after its release in the shop. With the laces and the antique look of the leather, the barefoot shoe also looks mega casual. New sizes are already being restocked, so keep your eyes open and grab it as soon as it's available again.

PARQER Brown - click here! 


We're sure you're looking forward to autumn as much as we are. With our stylish barefoot shoes, we don't miss the summer. We're excited to swap out our barefoot sandals for warmer autumn styles.

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