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QOLLINS Brown - my new Chelsea Boot for every occasion

Our customer Stefanie sent us this lovely testimonial about our Chelsea boot QOLLINS. She is thrilled, even though she has had little experience with barefoot shoes before.

We wish you many wonderful walks with your new QOLLINS.


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I love my new barefoot boots QOLLINS, which I have been wearing continuously for 3 weeks now. They simply go with everything, just what I was looking for.

I came across ZAQQ through a good friend who has been wearing her SPARQLE boots almost every time I meet her for 2 years. Even in summer she doesn't want to do without them. Unfortunately, we have a difference of 3 shoe sizes, so I was able to get into her shoes once, but they were way too big for me to walk in. But at least I got a sense of ZAQQ barefoot shoes.

I thought for a long time about ordering the same boot, but then decided it was better to choose a different model.








I kept browsing the shop to find boots for spring. To be honest, it took me half a year to finally decide what I wanted. Only one thing was certain, it had to be a Chelsea boot that could be combined in both sporty and feminine way. QOLLINS Brown and QEY West Cognac were at the top of my list.

Since I had a city trip coming up and didn't have any suitable and, above all, comfortable shoes for it, I decided on the QOLLINS because it has a shorter shaft and can therefore also be worn on warmer days. I always travel with minimal luggage and wanted a shoe that I could wear on any occasion. And that's no problem with this boot. It looks good with jeans, but I can also wear it beautifully with a skirt without looking clunky. Perfect!

The beautiful warm colour also matches my style and with the flower embellishments in the leather, the QOLLINS also look particularly feminine with an otherwise sporty touch.





The order and shipping

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the order arrived. I ordered the boots 4 weeks before my city trip so I could break them in. But they arrived after only 2 days. Wow, that really was a fast delivery.

The first impression of my barefoot boots QOLLINS

What can I say, my new QOLLINS Brown is a dream of a boot!!! I've been wearing it for almost 3 weeks now and have loved it since day one. The sole is wonderfully soft and flexible. My toes have room without the boot looking too duck-footed like other barefoot shoes. On the contrary, it even looks very feminine and has a sporty touch at the same time.

However, I have to admit that I first had to get used to the look of the boot. A barefoot shoe looks very different from a slim-fitting shoe with a high sole, especially when viewed from above.

My friends didn't notice the difference at all, some even talked to me about my beautiful boots. Probably all the girls in my circle of friends will soon have Chelsea boots from ZAQQ.



The material and the manufacturing

The boot has a very high-quality finish. The seams are neatly drawn and look very robust. As I have only been wearing it for a few weeks, I cannot yet say whether the QOLLINS will last for many years. But since I have the good example of my friend with her SPARQLE, I assume that my QOLLINS will also keep its promise.

The leather is particularly velvety on the outside, it almost looks like fabric. But it is actually fine suede. On the inside, smooth leather is sewn in, except at the elastic inserts, of course. The insole is also made of smooth leather.

At the beginning, the QOLLINS were a bit stiff, but that went away on the first day. Before wearing it for the first time, I moved the material at the heel back and forth to make it more elastic. And so I had a great walking feeling right from the start.






Wearing comfort in QOLLINS

As already mentioned, the sole is particularly soft. Since I am still getting used to barefoot shoes after more than 20 years in "normal" shoes, the soft sole is just what I need. I even have the feeling that they provide more cushioning than many of my old shoes, even though the sole is so thin.

I tend to land hard on my heels, which has always caused me severe back problems. In the QOLLINS I can walk for hours and the back problems are much better. But maybe it's also because my gait automatically adjusts when I wear the barefoot boots. Probably because of the flat sole, I come down less hard on my heels and more smoothly on my whole foot. 


With QOLLINS I have found a boot that exactly meets my expectations of a comfortable barefoot shoe. I am more than satisfied and can absolutely recommend the QOLLINS. I'm sure it won't be my last barefoot shoe, now that I've acquired a taste for them. For the summer, I'm already thinking about a pair of SUQAR ballerinas made of fabric, which I like a lot more.

Thanks to the ZAQQ team for the good work, a new regular customer is guaranteed.

Best regards. Stefanie


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