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Our multifunctional ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes

Imagine slipping into a pair of shoes in the morning which are not only extremely comfortable, but also get you through the day in style.

Our multifunctional Barefoot Shoes offer just that and accompany you from your first coffee in the office to a spontaneous adventure after work.

Multifunctional Barefoot Shoes 

Get ready to enjoy the freedom that comes when your footwear has no limits!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ. 












Elegant comfort 

Do you like to wear lace-up shoes to the office? Then take a look at our SMOQUEEN, because you can't get a more elegant barefoot shoe than this!

The patent leather Oxford design and our ingenious ZAQQ business sole with a hint of a heel give this barefoot shoe its elegant look.

Of course, SMOQUEEN is also a real ZAQQ and impresses with the corresponding barefoot feeling with every step. No more tired feet after a long day at work!

>> SMOQEEN << 







Fusion of style and comfort

In the world of elegant men's shoes, our SMOQING Black in patent leather not only meets the highest aesthetic standards, but also combines the comfort of barefoot shoes with timeless elegance.

This sophisticated suit shoe is more than just a fashion statement - it is a fusion of style and comfort.

SMOQING Black is a must-have for the modern man who doesn't want to miss out on anything.

>> SMOQING << 







Perfect for every situation 

Are you looking for a shoe that not only goes with everything, but also gets you to any destination in comfort? Our PIQUANT in black is the ultimate all-rounder: stylish enough for the office and robust enough for small leisure adventures. 

Thanks to the minimalist design and flexible sole, you'll experience a walking sensation that's as natural as walking barefoot, but with the stylish look you love.

Forget about constantly changing shoes - with these multifunctional barefoot sneakers, you'll be perfectly equipped for any situation.

>> PIQUANT <<  







Classic Chelsea boots 

Our stylish EQUITY Chelsea boots add a touch of class to any outfit and guarantee maximum comfort.

Thanks to the minimalist barefoot design, you'll feel a natural connection to the ground that can strengthen your feet and improve your posture - ideal for long days at the office or relaxed walks at the weekend.

With these versatile barefoot shoes, you'll be perfectly equipped for any situation and always look your best.

>> EQUITY <<  








From the mountain trail straight to the office 

EXPEQ is the perfect barefoot shoe that takes you from the mountain trail straight to the office without risking a break in style. 

This all-rounder offers you the comfort of a barefoot shoe paired with the functionality you need for your outdoor adventures. At the same time, its simple design blends seamlessly into any outfit, so you can wear them even on long working days.

>> EXPEQ << 








All-rounder made from merino wool 

Our LIQE is made from high-quality merino wool, which is not only known for its breathability and odour-neutralising properties, but also for the incredibly soft feel on your feet.

With these merino sneakers, you'll never have to choose between comfort and style again - they offer you both in one smart package.

Going to the office on Casual Friday, strolling through the city or exploring at the weekend? No problem, our LIQE is ready and waiting to give you the barefoot feeling your feet love.

>> LIQE <<   






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