Zero Drop & Toe Freedom


Handstiched Rubber Sole


Fast shippment

Best hold without lacing

Looking for sandals that offer you the best hold and that you can put on in a flash? We have the perfect solution for you!

Best hold without laces or buckles

Elastic straps and Velcro fasteners make it easy to put on these sandals and they still fit your feet perfectly. It couldn't be easier!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ. 













SLIQ: From simple to noble

Light, lively and happy through summer - SLIQ makes it possible.

The elastic strap makes lacing or buckling unnecessary and yet the Barefoot Sandal sits perfectly on the foot.

Simple in black, noble in silver or exciting in orange or red - you decide!

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QALMA: Goes with all looks

QALMA looks simply super feminine thanks to the braided structure of the leather. Nevertheless, it is not too playful and simply goes with all outfits in its subtle black.

The elastic strap at the back makes it easy to put on the sandal and provides the best hold at the same time.

You'll love the light and free walking feeling in our QALMA!

>> QALMA <<   






QLEAR: For Outdoor & City Strolling

Our QLEAR is the Outdoor Barfoot Shoe that is simply perfect for summer! Is it a Hiking Sandal or a closed Outdoor Shoe? It doesn't matter, because it's not the name that counts, but the function!

Thanks to the Quick-Lace System, you can open and close our QLEAR in no time to slip in and out in a flash. But they also provide optimal support.

Worn with colour-matched socks, QLEAR looks like a closed sneaker that you can easily wear for a stroll around town.

>> QLEAR <<   









QRUISE: Airy & maximum Comfort 

If you like it airy, but still like to keep your feet covered, QRUISE White is exactly your shoe. The generous air vents allow your feet to breathe freely even on the hottest days.

Thanks to the velcro fastener, you can open our QRUISE wide, slip in comfortably and close it just as quickly.

With QRUISE, you have the best wearing comfort even on hot days.

>> QRUISE <<  







FRESQO: Feminine and playful

Fresh, playful, feminine - our Barefoot Sandal FRESQO is your new summer favourite.

The straps in black and silver run in an unusual shape, sometimes braided, sometimes knotted. That's what gives the Barefoot Sandal its feminine look. And the best thing is that you don't have to open anything to slip in, because we've included an elastic band at the back of the strap. There's no easier way to put on and take off a sandal.

>> FRESQO << 









PAQO: Light & feminine

Same, same but different. Our PAQO is similar to the FRESQO Barefoot Sandal. But when you take a closer look, you discover the small, subtle differences that makes it unique.

The straps are simply super feminine with their colour mix of black and silver and the braided design. PAQO is playful yet discreet so that it can simply be combined with anything.

The back strap is elastic, so you can slip in and out easily and comfortably.

>> PAQO <<  







MIQA: Sporty & comfortable

Whether you have a high or low instep, this sporty Barefoot Sandal can be quickly adapted to any foot shape thanks to the continuous strap with Velcro fastener.

Across the meadow, through the park or for a comfortable stroll through town - with MIQA you have found your comfortable Barefoot Sandal!

>> MIQA << 








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