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Light and free through summer with ZAQQ barefoot shoes

Finally feel the warm wind in your hair and the sun on your bare skin again. Summer is here!

All you need now is an airy ZAQQ barefoot shoe for an absolute feel-good summer? No problem, we have a large selection of sandals and trainers that offer you the best wearing comfort even on the hottest days.

We still have most sizes in stock, but be quick if you want to enjoy the summer on comfortable ZAQQ barefoot soles!












The noble flip-flop

You can hardly wait to give your toes some real freedom again? Take off your shoes in no time and walk barefoot on the beach or on the meadow?

This is exactly what our QOSS offers you! 

The wide and finely polished leather strip gives you extra support and stability. At the same time, the shoe can be combined with any summer look thanks to its simple silhouette.

>> QOSS <<










Best support

Light, energetic and happy through summer - SLIQ makes it possible.

The elastic strap makes lacing or buckling unnecessary and yet the barefoot sandal sits perfectly on the foot.

Simple in black, classy in silver or exciting in orange or red - you decide!

>> SLIQ <<











The airy one

If you like it airy, but still like to keep your feet covered, QRUISE is your shoe. The generous air slits allow your feet to breathe freely even on the hottest days.

But it's not just the high breathability that speaks for this barefoot shoe, you'll also love the high wearing comfort. 

>> QRUISE <<










Slip on & start walking 

FLAQE is the slip-on sandal that gives you extra support thanks to the loop on the big toe and the straps that extend all the way to the back. 

As light as a flake, you can hardly feel this sandal on your feet.

To the beach or to the city? FLAQE is with you! 

Now you just have to choose between brown, black or white!

>> FLAQE <<
















Fine & airy 

QADA is particularly delicate and feminine with its fine straps and the light blue tone.

For the best fit, you can adjust this barefoot sandal perfectly to your needs via the buckle on the heel strap.

On the hottest days of summer, QADA is the best choice, because the fine straps allow plenty of air to reach your feet.

>> QADA <<











Extraordinary & exciting

You like it exciting? You want a special sandal that not everybody has?

Then you need to know our QAMINO! Not only the black-silver leather, but also the cut are exceptional. 

Nevertheless, the high wearing comfort is not neglected!

Whether short or long distances, QAMINO will carry you like on clouds through summer.

>> QAMINO <<
















The classic one

Sometimes it has to be a little more classic!

With its light calfskin in an antique look, our BRIQ business shoe is perfect for summer.

Stylish with suit trousers or casual with jeans - this barefoot shoe can do both!

>> BRIQ <<











White Sneakers

White sneakers go especially well in summer and our QQQ is the most comfortable you've ever worn!

Whether it's the height of summer or the transitional season, your feet will feel completely comfortable in this barefoot shoe.

>> QQQ <<














Whether high or low instep, this sporty barefoot sandal can be adapted to any foot shape thanks to the continuous strap.

Across the meadow, through the park or for a comfortable stroll through town - with MIQA you have found your comfortable barefoot sandal!

>> MIQA <<











Elegant & modern 

Our TORQUAY is an elegant sneaker that can be combined both business-like and sporty.

With the fine cotton lining, this barefoot shoe gives you a pleasant foot climate even in hot temperatures - whether worn barefoot or with socks.













Now it's your turn! Have you already found your summer ZAQQ? You're guaranteed to find the perfect barefoot shoe for you in our huge collection.

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Feel free, feel ZAQQ.










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