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City-Style with Barefoot Shoes

with cool barefoot shoes through the city? No problem with ZAQQ! In our shop you'll find stylish shoes which feel like a second skin.

 No more compromises!

Why choose between style and comfort when you can have both? Find your comfortable ZAQQ now and enjoy your next city stroll on comfortable soles

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.












SQILL: For city strolls & hiking tours

Your best companion on all paths - SQILL is our sporty barefoot shoe. Whether you're walking around town or out on a hiking tour, you can always rely on our SQILL!

With the lacing extended to the outside, we make sure that nothing can press uncomfortably. With 2mm long-term cushioning and feather-light material, the next 5km will fly by!

It's also available in your favourite colour, so check it out now!

>> SQILL <<







QARO: Sporty & elegant

QARO is your vegan sneaker that looks sporty and elegant at the same time.

You'll love doing your rounds in this comfortable barefoot shoe. It is so light and comfortable that every walk becomes a real pleasure.

You can find QARO in 7 different colours!

>> QARO <<










TWIST: Feminine & comfortable

Show your feminine side with our TWIST. Whether you wear it with a short black dress, shorts or jeans, you can't do anything wrong. 

You can never get enough of TWIST, because once you've worn it, it's highly addictive!

And the best part:

You can find this classic ballerina in 26 different designs. So you'll always have an ultra-comfortable barefoot shoe to match your style.

>> TWIST <<






QEY WEST: The casual boot

You want new boots? Here you have them! Our QEY WEST is our casual leisure boot that steps out of the line!

The different types of material are kept tone-in-tone. The pattern, however, gives it its distinctive touch. QEY WEST is excitingly unexciting - something special and yet understated.

These mid-height Chelsea boots can be casually combined with jeans, but they also look stylish with dresses and skirts.

>> QEY WEST <<









TORQUAY: Elegant & cool

Our Torquay is a fine, elegant sneaker that is simply beautiful with its different shades of blue.

The use of lighter suede and darker smooth leather creates an elegant look that makes the barefoot shoe look narrower.

But don't worry, of course you have a wide toe box for optimal comfort - just typical barefoot shoes.

>> TORQUAY << 




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