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Barefoot Shoes for Hiking in Summer

Don't you like to go hiking in summer because your feet burn after a short time? Then you haven't found the right hiking shoe yet.

With ZAQQ Outdoor Shoes through summer

Do you already know our models HIQE and QUEST in Low Cut? These Outdoor Shoes are light and breathable to prevent heat and sweat build-up. They also give you a good grip on your hikes while still feeling barefoot.

So put on your ZAQQs and get out into nature, even in summer temperatures.

 Feel free, feel ZAQQ. 












HIQE Low: It couldn't be more comfortable

A hiking shoe that couldn't be more comfortable - our HIQE is an all-rounder!

With its functional features, it beats all competitors with ease.

Thanks to the special inner membrane, this barefoot shoe is absolutely waterproof and yet particularly breathable. Whether rain or shine, HIQE is your number one.

You'll find our HIQE Low in four beautiful colour options, including three vegan ones.

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QUEST: Vegan & Waterproof

With this Barefoot Shoe you won't mind the rain or wet grass, because your feet will always stay nice and dry thanks to the special ZAQQ inner membrane.

But don't worry, QUEST is especially breathable and therefore very comfortable even in warmer temperatures. 

The vegan outer material is robust and looks stylish at the same time, so you can also wear this barefoot shoe for a stroll around town.

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