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My barefoot shoes for any occasion: SQY White

Our customer Valentina was already very enthusiastic about her EXPEQs. For the summer season, she has fallen in love with the sporty SQY White barefoot shoe.

Thank you for this lovely testimonial and have many comfortable tours with your new barefoot shoes.


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If I could only own one shoe, it would be my new SQY White! This barefoot shoe has absolutely convinced me. But it's best to start at the beginning. I ordered my first ZAQQ barefoot shoes last year after reading up on the subject in detail. Since I want to own very few shoes, it should be a mid-height and especially waterproof hiking shoe, which, however, should not look like being outdoors. I browsed through various suppliers, but got stuck with the EXPEQ Vegan Marone Waterproof. And what can I say, I was thrilled. This sole is nice and grippy and walks wonderfully soft.









Therefore, my summer season shoe should also have this sole. The SQY White immediately caught my attention. As a running shoe in the ZAQQ SHOP listed, it looks absolutely suitable for everyday wear with its white material. So I kill two birds with one stone and can wear this barefoot shoe both in the city and for sports activities. In addition, the SQY White is also vegan, which was particularly important to me.

After two weeks of intensive walking in this barefoot shoe, I am just as excited as I was when I first tried it out in my apartment. Lightweight, flexible and universal, my new favorite shoe for every occasion.









Details about SQY Barefoot Shoe White

This barefoot shoe doesn't need to be laced up, which is a big plus for me. There is elastic at the top edge of the stretchy mesh fabric so the shoe fits snugly. The mesh fabric is kept in a gray tone. On it you do not immediately see every little stain, which is another advantage when touring through nature.  







On the outside around the mesh fabric there is sewn a white layer that looks like leather, but is made of vegan material. It can be wiped off perfectly. Both grass stains and mud could be removed without any problems. The laces are actually elastic laces that give the barefoot shoe a better look. You could also tighten them or knot them further down if the shoes are too wide. For me, however, the barefoot shoe has fit perfectly from the beginning. From the inside, a turquoise-colored, very fine textile layer is sewn, which visually matches the white-gray very nicely. But you do not see it when the shoe is put on.










Where do I wear the SQY Everywhere? With its bright design, the SQY doesn't look like a typical sports shoe, as I mentioned before. I wear these barefoot shoes for that reason even to work. Since I've been walking the 5k each way to the office for some time, I'm especially happy to have found such a comfortable shoe. On the weekend, this barefoot shoe is then put through its paces. I have already made several long tours through fields and forests and I am still amazed.


Now I have found my cold season shoe with EXPEQ and my good weather shoe with SQY. Only a pair of sandals for high summer is missing! But they will also soon move in.


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