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Wearing ZAQQ shoes

Do your shoes offer protection from broken glass and sharp stones?

We can confirm that the soles of all our shoe models provide effective protection against fragments on the ground, sharp stones or thorns.

Will I have a good grip in your barefoot shoes?

Definitely! The direct contact with the ground coupled with our rubber soles means you will have an amazing amount of support and grip. 

Can anyone wear your shoes, regardless of their age?

Children will especially benefit from not forgetting their original, natural running motion by wearing our shoes. Older people might be unsure as to whether wearing five finger shoes or barefoot shoes is a good idea. However, it is not a matter of age, but more a case of any ailments someone might be suffering from.

Do ZAQQ shoes fit narrow/wide feet?

Every foot is different and there is no such thing as a perfect fit. It does not matter if you have a narrow or a wide foot because our design is aimed at providing the maximum comfort levels. Our shoes are not comparable to conventional shoes. You will realise that there is a very good grip when you place your feet in the shoes and this is further reinforced through the special lacing. In order for your feet to feel comfortable, the shoe should not fit too tightly. In addition, we have different shoes for men and women. Just try them! For as long as we have been trading, people with all kinds of feet have found the ideal ZAQQ shoe model.

Are these shoes suitable for warm temperatures?

You can wear our shoes on every occasion and in all weathers. A leather shoe has many advantages because, on the one hand, it is breathable, which provides a healthy environment for your feet and, on the other hand, it is very water-resistant and dirt repellent. Therefore, it does not matter if temperatures are warm or cold; a ZAQQ shoe always provides a feel-good, healthy climate for your feet.  

Are your shoes suitable for cycling?

For serious cycling on an MTB or road bike, for example, special cycling shoes with stiff soles are better. If riding a conventional bike with conventional pedals, barefoot shoes will be suitable.

Which shoes should I wear in winter?

The ZAQQ PREQUEL or QUINTIC are winter versions with real lambskin lining. The ZAQQ PREQUEL WINTER is comfortable from heel to toe and the higher upper provides the ideal soft, padded ankle support. Our special 2mm thick premium leather with 0.8mm thick lambskin nestles against your feet and feels velvety-soft. The outside of your new ZAQQ PREQUEL is almost completely made with the smooth side of our premium leather. Thanks to an insulated and permanently elastic non-slip rubber sole, your new ZAQQ PREQUEL is particularly suitable for cold days. Whether out in the countryside or in the city, enjoying leisure time or on business, when wearing a ZAQQ, no step is too far. Enjoy the feeling of wearing something special!

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