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How can I best measure my feet?

We have provided a video to show you how to measure your feet. Here, you can see how easy it is to quickly measure your feet. Please follow this link to watch the video


Could my shoes feel too wide?

Barefoot shoes have to be wide so your toes have optimal movement. If shoes are too tight, the toes cannot move properly and the muscles are restricted. At first, your ‘proprioception’ (your awareness of your body movement) often makes it feel like a barefoot shoe is too big. We are so used to wearing tight, narrow shoes and are also used to wearing shoes that are too small. People with a flat foot arch should choose a smaller size. A lace-up shoe is better than a slip-on or ballerina shoe. Often, a slightly higher shoe upper also helps as this can fit better due to the additional height of the upper. However, if the eyelets virtually "overlap" it often helps to reduce some of the shoe’s volume. This can also be achieved by wearing slightly thicker socks or an insole to position your foot a little higher in the shoe and fill the shoe better.

Can I order 2 different sizes and send back the pair that is not the best fit?

Of course you can order 2 different sizes. However, you will find it easier to measure your foot size beforehand to find the right shoe for you.

You will also save yourself the effort of packaging and return postage. Please note, a refund for the returned shoes will take a few days and, during this time, your money will not be readily available.

For measuring your feet, we have provided a video. You can see how easy it is to quickly measure your feet. Please watch the video by following this link:

ZAQQ size guide

Where is the size in the shoe?

You will find the size specification inside the shoe,

You will also find the shoe size on your invoice and order confirmation. 

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