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Our new soles have arrived!

Of course, you know that ZAQQ would not be ZAQQ if it was not constantly evolving. After months in development, our new soles made their appearance on the scene, yesterday!

The following is a brief techie description about why we are so excited about these new soles. The soles have been designed in 3D CAD software, and ultimately milled from our existing aluminum sole blocks. These aluminum blocks weigh about 60 kg. The new method of producing the seam for the soles, is what has made our production team so enthusiastic. The seam line is located at the very top edge of the rim. We now sew all our soles onto the edges. Of course, modern adhesives are able to connect a sole to a shaft. However, there is always the possibility that over time, the adhesive bond will dissolve, particularly in areas of the soles that come under stress. Only a seam is guaranteed to be permanent.

And this explains why we have made these changes in the production process of our soles. The reason is straightforward. A seam is permanent. We can learn from the wisdom of shoemakers in days gone by. "A seam cannot be replaced by anything, but an even stronger seam". For this reason, a welted sole is a banner for the highest standard in quality. It highlights this classy feature of your new ZAQQ barefoot shoes. If you scrutinise a shoe and see a welted sole, you know that you are looking at quality. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are aware of this standard for quality, and try to place seam imitations onto their shoes, in order to create a false look of excellence.

At ZAQQ we are not content with half-measures. In addition to the enhanced endurance of our new soles, we have also maintained our standards for both look and feel. The new sole has been reduced by the seam line on the one side and is also very dynamic, bringing an attractive appearance, as well as physical comfort, to your new ZAQQ barefoot shoes.

Of course, we would not be ZAQQ if we had not sent our soles to be independently tested by the Testing & Research Institute, Pirmasens eV (PFI). However, the shoes speak for themselves. Our soles are counted amongst the top in rubber soles worldwide because of their excellent resistance to abrasion and their outstanding flexibility. Combine this with consistent self-damping and slip resistance due to the quality of the material, and what does this mean for you, the customer? We spare no effort or expense in building you the finest of shoes. Of this, you can be certain.


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