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Introducing the ZAQQ PIQUANT Vegan

The long search has come to an end.

For some time now, we have had a strong interest in finding material that is free of any animal sources and which is also ecologically sound. It took us just under a year to find a vegan material that we felt would match the high quality of ZAQQ materials. We tested countless different materials and almost gave up the chase because none of the materials met our requirements, and we were not prepared to compromise. We were insistent that the material should be:

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified


Water repellent


Beautiful, reduced, and with high-quality optics

However, we did not give up the search, and we succeeded! We found what we were looking for, and are now proud to present the new ZAQQ PIQUANT Vegan shoes!

Your new ZAQQ PIQUANT Vegan is produced entirely from vegan fabric. We can guarantee that the PIQUANT Vegan does not use animal material or contain even the tiniest amount of substances with animal sources. Our VEGAN material is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, following strict standards on the use of pesticides and synthetics. The ZAQQ PIQUANT Vegan is thus made from the most ecologically sound materials in the industry.

You may be wondering about the design and style of our Vegan shoes. The outside is similar in appearance and structure to our premium suede leather shoes. The fabric itself is very breathable, tear resistant, and colourfast. However, it is rare to find vegan materials that are as soft and silky as our superior leather with its finely ground surface. So, our ZAQQ Vegan models have an attractive matte appearance, appearing somewhat sporty, and yet elegant.

You will feel proud to be seen in our new ZAQQ PIQUANT Vegan shoes!

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