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The best barefoot summer

We have officially arrived in summer and according to the weather forecasts, it's finally going to be really hot. 

The best barefoot summer

You still don't have comfortable footwear for the hottest days?

Then grab your breezy ZAQQ now and turn the next few weeks into your unforgettable barefoot summer!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.












Simple yet feminine 

Do you love it simple yet feminine? Then you should know all about our FLAQE. These sandals combine stylish elegance with a minimalist design.

Your feet will be pampered with soft smooth leather from the insole to the straps. A delicate loop at the front for the big toe ensures that the sandals fit perfectly. To provide you with even more support, the straps are extended far back.

Make this summer your most stylish and comfortable with our featherweight FLAQE!

>> FLAQE <<   






Casual style and maximum comfort 

QOOL is more than just a sneaker - it embodies serenity and style in one. This barefoot sneaker is the ideal companion for anyone who values comfort and a casual appearance. 

They go perfectly with your favourite jeans, but also with more elegant fabric trousers and allow you to move around silently and smoothly. 

An ultra-comfortable barefoot shoe can't look cool? Our QOOL proves the opposite! Treat yourself to these sneakers and enjoy every step you take in them!

>> QOOL <<   








A dream in white 

A real dream in white - that's our MONIQ barefoot sandal. The slightly curved straps make this sandal a real eye-catcher and at the same time ensure elegant, slender feet.

It goes without saying that this sandal is designed not only to look good, but also to pamper your feet with maximum comfort.

Whether for a wedding, a birthday or a holiday - this sandal is guaranteed to be your favourite accessory this summer!

>> MONIQ <<  






Comfort paired with glamour 

With our BLINQ, the name says it all - this barefoot sandal shines with its silver-coloured straps and puts every other one in the shade. 

The cleverly designed straps show a lot of your foot at the sides and conceal the upper areas. This makes your foot look much slimmer.

Whether in the office, on a walk in the park or at dinner with friends - BLINQ is perfect for any occasion.

>> BLINQ <<   











Sporty elegance 

SPARQ combines sporty design, high-quality materials and the comfort of a barefoot shoe in one.

The open-pored nappa leather with its perforated structure not only looks stylish, but is also particularly breathable. This makes this barefoot sneaker perfect for the hot days of the year and for sports activities. 

Whether you're jogging, going to the gym or simply in everyday life - this barefoot shoe will accompany you everywhere and always make you look good.

>> SPARQ <<







Light as a feather & highly breathable 

Our vegan QNIT cotton shoe is the ideal companion even on sultry summer days - whether you're strolling through the city or doing sport. 

They come in many great colours to give your outfit the perfect finish. 

Light as a feather, highly breathable and stylish to look at, QNIT will become your absolute favourite shoe once you've taken your first steps!

>> QNIT <<   










Stylish through everyday business life 

Whether you're in a meeting, at a business lunch or in everyday office life - our BRIQ gives you an elegant appearance at all times. 

The soft calfskin gently moulds to your foot and ensures a luxurious feel. With its high breathability, this elegant barefoot shoe is also the perfect choice on warm days. 

Now all you have to do is decide whether you want classic black, shiny brown leather or something more modern with an antique finish.

>> BRIQ << 





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