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The best Barefoot Shoes for the Transition from Summer to Autumn

Slowly, we have to say goodbye to summer. It's about time for transitional shoes, in other words shoes that offer you the best of the best from summer to autumn.

With ZAQQ you can walk on comfortable soles and look good all year round. Today we show you some models that will sweeten your transition into the cooler season.


Ballerina - always the perfect choice from spring to autumn

From spring to autumn, ballerinas are always the perfect choice. They are feminine and do everything from elegant to sporty. For autumn, brown tones from beige to dark brown go particularly well. Whether QARMA, QITE or BANQET - our barefoot ballerinas are all chic and super comfortable!

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With ballerina shoes, you can also keep the summer feeling a little longer. Wear your summer dresses with tights or leggings and a cardigan or blazer on cooler days. If it gets hot again during the day, you can quickly take off your jacket and tights or leggings to enjoy the day in your summer outfit. 

QITE Dark Brown




BANQET Nappa Dark Brown






Loafers or moccasins - the stylish transition shoes

Loafers and moccasins are the perfect transitional shoes. They keep your toes nice and warm, but are still airy enough in case it gets warmer during the day. You'll love the feel and the ease of slipping in and out!

Our barefoot loafers and moccasins are available in men's and women's styles and range from sporty to chic.

Barefoot loafers for ladies

Our loafers and moccasins for women come in three styles that couldn't be more different. All of them have one thing in common - the typical barefoot shoe characteristics that make the loafers so incredibly comfortable.

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QOSMO Champagne




QERP Velours Black







Barefoot loafers for men

From sporty to very elegant, as a modern man you are spoilt for choice with our barefoot loafers. Whether QEA, QENT or MONQ, all three allow you a healthy gait and are super comfortable.


QEA Velours Black






MONQ Captoe Black



Sneakers - a must-have transitional shoe in everyone's wardrobe

Sneaker love - our lace-up shoes simply always go from summer to winter. You're sure to find your favourite model among our ZAQQs. From classic to ultra-modern, from simple to eye-catching, we offer you a huge selection! 

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LIQE Grey Toffee

Our LIQE is the perfect choice for the transition. The merino wool ensures temperature regulation on both warm and cold days. Merino wool is also water repellent. Our LIQE comes in many different colours and if you like, you can wear it all year round because of its properties. LIQE is the all-rounder that simply always works!




CROQET is fresh, modern and particularly airy. The cotton fabric is knitted in the front area so that your foot can breathe well and still has a slightly warming protection on cooler days. The perfect barefoot sneaker for the transition!




Our SOQQ has quickly conquered everyone's hearts. It is so cuddly and comfortable, warms your feet on cool days and is still light enough for summer thanks to the cotton. What more do you want? Maybe more colour? No problem, you're guaranteed to find SOQQ in your favourite colour!



Midcut boots - stylish all year round

Some celebrities wear their midcut boots all year round. They are simply stylish and can be combined with any outfit from casual to chic. They also protect your feet in cold, damp weather much better than slip-on shoes or sneakers. 

You'll find our comfortable mid-cut boots as classical Chelsea boots, but also more playful with buckles and studs. Take a look at all our boots, we still have a large selection in stock.

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Our Chelsea boot in burgundy looks absolutely stunning. EQUITY is also available in black, brown and other styles. A Barefoot Chelsea Boot that simply looks mega chic and couldn't be more comfortable.




Our QEY West Cognac shows your adventurous spirit. With its giraffe look, it's a mega-stylish eye-catcher that fits perfectly into autumn thanks to its brown shade. You like it more discreet? Then take a look at QEY WEST Black!




A black barefoot boot simply always goes. But our QLARE has a very special look thanks to the rivets at the back. Love is pre-programmed!




Our QUAKERTOWN reminds you of soft snakeskin, a barefoot boot that is extravagant and classy. If you look closely, it even has a heel, which makes it look particularly elegant. But don't worry, the heel is only implied from the outside. Of course, our barefoot soles never have a drop, they are absolutely flat from heel to toe.



QLANCE Black Gold

QLANCE brings rock'n roll into your life. The rivets and buckles are the eye-catchers par excellence. By the way, you can find the comfortable Barefoot Boot not only with golden embellishments, but also in a silver version!



Business boots for men - the elegant transitional shoes. 

Sometimes it has to be a little more chic or formal. Our business boots are the perfect choice with suit trousers or smart jeans. 

Looking for a classic business shoe? No problem, we have your comfortable suit shoe guaranteed in the shop. Take a look right now.

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ARQ Black



DUQE Vegan Antique Brown





When the weather can't decide between summer and autumn, you don't have to worry anymore. Among our barefoot shoes you will find your comfortable and stylish companion for every temperature. With ZAQQ, autumn will be even more golden!

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