Zero Drop & Toe Freedom


Handstiched Rubber Sole


Fast shippment

Slip on in no time without lacing

Our slip-on ZAQQs are perfect for anyone who loves to put on their barefoot shoes quickly and easily and start walking straight away. 

Slip-on barefoot shoes 

No lacing, no strapping, no stress - just slip them on and go! Perfect for hectic mornings or spontaneous adventures. 

Max, find your feel-good shoe in the ZAQQ shop now!

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.












Best support & perfect comfort 

Our innovative SLIQ sandals offer you optimum support and unrivalled comfort.

The practical elasticated strap eliminates the need for time-consuming lacing or buckling. Just slip them on and off you go!

Choose plain black if you prefer a classic look, or make an elegant statement with classy silver. If you like to stand out, choose exciting colours like orange or red.

>> SLIQ <<  







Timeless, feminine design 

Our QALMA offers everything you could wish for from a sandal: feminine style, comfort and practicality.

The elasticated insert makes it quick and easy to put on, so you don't have to waste time fastening buckles. Just slip them on and off you go - summer fashion can be so uncomplicated! 

Whether you're wearing an elegant dress or casual jeans, the QALMA barefoot sandal always fits perfectly. Their simple elegance makes them the ideal companion for any occasion, from a relaxed stroll through town to a walk on the beach.

>> QALMA <<   








The elegant business loafer

It doesn't get more elegant than with this business loafer! A heel indicated from the outside, a cap toe with fine broguing and two elegant buckles make this barefoot shoe a real rarity.

MONQ will not only take you a long way forward in your business life, but will also accompany you in everyday life with maximum comfort.

>> MONQ << 








Simplicity & comfort 

The TSEQA Black slip-on shoe is the perfect combination of simplicity and maximum comfort.

This barefoot shoe will surprise you with its lightness and excellent breathability. This makes it the ideal companion for long days on the move.

The simple, black premium suede and the laceless design give TSEQA Black a casual, informal character that fits effortlessly into any wardrobe. 

>> TSEQA <<    









The slip-on sneaker 

Slip them on quickly and you're ready to go! On the next mountain, through the forest or even through the city - SQY definitely has what it takes to become your favourite sneaker for every occasion.

The elasticated, vegan mesh fabric is extremely comfortable to wear. It moulds perfectly to your foot without constricting. 

What more do you need?

>> SQY <<







Feminine loafer 

Discover QERP, the feminine loafer that combines comfort and style in a marvellous way. This slip-on shoe impresses with its flexibility, durability and slip-resistant sole. 

And the best thing about it: it looks incredibly chic! Whether for everyday wear, the office or elegant occasions - with QERP on your feet, you'll always be perfectly dressed. 

Treat your feet to this luxury and experience how fashion and comfort merge at the highest level.

>> QERP <<   










Maximum foot freedom 

Do you long for maximum foot freedom, whether you're relaxing at home or exploring the world? Then the SOQQs are just the thing for you!

A special highlight of the sock shoes is their thin and flexible sole, which allows you to roll them up small. This means they hardly take up any space and can be easily stowed away in your travel or sports bag.

Slip them on and off you go, with SOQQ of course!

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