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Ordinary was yesterday: extraordinary barefoot shoes

ZAQQ stands for a new way of freedom of movement paired with fashionable innovation. Every single shoe is a handmade work of art that perfectly combines aesthetics and function. 

Ordinary was yesterday 

With these extraordinary designs, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and at the same time enjoy the unbeatable ZAQQ comfort with every step.

Feel free, feel ZAQQ.












The exciting ballerina 

The QISS model is a particularly feminine and playful barefoot ballerina and a real eye-catcher!

The leather laces, which can be wrapped around your calf, turn the classic ballerina into an exciting summer shoe.

Simply wrap the leather laces further down around your ankle for a casual everyday look, or get a little bolder and wrap them further up your leg - you'll turn heads in the evening!

>> QISS <<  






The dynamic sneaker 

QANBERRA is your new, sporty barefoot shoe that shows off your dynamic side.

With its successful play of colors, the sneaker looks fresh and fits perfectly into the warmer half of the year.

We use finely perforated nappa leather for QANBERRA, which ensures a high level of breathability. Your feet will feel comfortable in these sneakers, even on the hottest days of the year, without overheating.

>> QANBERRA <<   







Sporty sneaker 

QENDRIQ is your sporty sneaker with a feel-good guarantee. With this barefoot shoe, you have found a lightweight, cool and super-comfortable companion for your leisure activities with which you can effortlessly and happily run an extra mile at the end of the day.

The ZAQQ MINIMAL sole not only picks up on the colors of the upper material, but is also ultra-comfortable with its highly flexible and soft properties. 

You can find QENDRIQ in four different colors, check them out now!

>> QENDRIQ << 







The feminine loafer 

Our QERP Candy is the feminine loafer that looks particularly delicate in its light pink color.

Thanks to the flexible sole and ergonomic design, you'll walk on clouds in these barefoot shoes - wonderfully light and comfortable.

The decorative ribbon gives these loafers a touch of exclusivity. It reflects a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design and turns every step into a glamorous appearance.

>> QERP <<   










Classic style paired with coolness 

QEDO Brown is your new low shoe that combines classic style with a cool look. 

The brown premium suede and elegant 3-hole lacing provide a classic touch, while the white sole and mint-colored lining add a modern twist. 

With these barefoot shoes, you can show your sense of style without compromising on comfort. 

>> QEDO <<








The extravagant business shoe 

This elegant barefoot shoe cannot be surpassed in terms of extravagance - a business shoe for the stylish man.

This version of our BRIQ features many elegant elements that make it absolutely unique. The fine broguing skilfully frames the business shoe and visually elongates it. The visual highlight, however, is the fine leather in a tressé look.

With the BRIQ Brogue Tresse Black, you have found a suit shoe that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and show off your most elegant side.

>> BRIQ <<   









Feminine elegance par excellence 

Do you struggle to get into your tight pumps every day and only want one thing at the end of the day - to get out of your uncomfortable shoes?

That's over now, because with MEXIQ you now have an alternative.

This new ZAQQ model is all about feminine elegance. That's why MEXIQ is pointed at the front. But don't worry, we've still left enough room around the toes and the soft leather stretches out as required.

>> MEXIQ << 






The eye-catcher

Our MARQ impresses with its unusual design. The beautifully crafted ankle strap with fine studs makes this ballerina a real eye-catcher! 

Like all our ballerinas, MARQ offers full freedom of movement for your toes and the ball of your foot. Whether you're dancing the night away or wandering the shopping boulevards, MARQ is there to give you maximum comfort. 

Make our MARQ your personal brand!

>> MARQ <<   







The eye-catching sports friend 

SPIQE is our exceptional and super-comfortable running shoe.

We have covered the breathable mesh fabric with a black microfiber net. This gives the barefoot shoe a mega-modern look and makes it very stable at the same time. 

Whether for running, walking or a stroll in the park - you'll definitely attract attention with these sneakers.

>> SPIQE << 








Good mood sneaker 

QOLETTE is your new sneaker with a good mood guarantee! 

Perfectly matching colors create a modern design that is fun to look at. After your first steps in these barefoot shoes, you'll be completely convinced. Walking like on clouds with the corresponding barefoot feeling, QOLETTE makes it possible!

The multicolored ZAQQ MINIMAL sole blends harmoniously into the colour concept and ensures a soft step with its high flexibility and light cushioning.

>> QOLETTE <<    






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