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Barefoot through the city?

Barefoot through the city? Doesn't sound very practical, does it?

Our ZAQQ Barefoot Shoes give you the freedom and flexibility that you know from barefoot walking, while providing your feet with the protection and comfort they deserve. 

The best of both worlds

 And the best part? Our shoes look damn good too! Why choose between comfort and style when you can have both?














BRIQ: Classy & Stylish

Sometimes it has to be a little more classic, that's when our BRIQ fits perfectly.

The pleasant material protects your feet in cooler temperatures, but also lets them breathe on hot days!

But BRIQ can do much more, because you can finally walk on absolutely comfortable soles even in an elegant suit shoe.

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IQON: Elegant & ultra comfortable

Rushing to the next meeting? Standing at the counter all day? Meeting up with friends after the office? No problem!

Even after a busy day, you'll still walk on clouds in our IQON business shoes and show off your elegant side!

>> Barefoot Business Shoes for Women <<









QITE: Ballerinas with perfect support

From spring to autumn, Ballerina Barefoot Shoes are always the perfect choice. They are feminine and do it all from elegant to sporty.

Our QITE gives you the best support, goes with everything and is guaranteed to become your new favourite, because it doesn't get more comfortable than this.

>> Ballerina Barefoot Shoes << 







QENTLE: It doesn't get more elegant

Absolutely elegant and highly comfortable at the same time. Not possible? It is possible with our QENTLE!

Combined in a classic way with a smart suit, you show yourself from your particularly elegant side. But you can also wear our QENTLE with all casual outfits to give them more style.

The icing on the cake of elegance is the heel in our ZAQQ BUSINESS Sole, which is in fact absolutely flat.

>> Barefoot Business Shoes for Men <<







QLANCE: Boots with that certain something

You love it rocky? Then our biker boots made by ZAQQ are your new Barefoot Shoes.

Decorated with rivets and buckles in gold or silver you'll be the star everywhere!

>> Barefoot Boots for Women << 







QORE: White-Sneakers

With white sneakers on your feet, the whole outfit looks much lighter - perfect for spring and summer!

QORE Low White is your barefoot shoe that perfectly combines style and comfort.

The super-thin and highly flexible barefoot sole made of rubber gives you a wonderful walking feeling.

You can find many more White Sneaker Barefoot Shoes in the shop, check them out for yourself!

>> White Sneakers for Women <<

>> White Sneakers for Men <<






QARO: Lightweight, Breathable, Vegan

Our model QARO convinces at first sight and above all at the first step - velvety soft on the outside, mega comfortable on the inside!

You'll love doing your rounds in this comfortable Barefoot Sneaker. They are so light and comfortable

that every walk becomes a real pleasure.

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