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A unique machine for our hand-sewn soles

Introducing a new milestone in our manufacturing process. We are now producing welted soles on all ZAQQ barefoot shoes!

For higher quality and increased customer satisfaction, we are making the best better. That's why today we are proud to announce the arrival of our new sole sewing machine.

Nothing tells you more about the quality of a shoe than a hand-sewn sole. However, the technique of hand-sewing a sole is rarely used in Germany any longer. This means that it is next to impossible to find a manufacturer that manufactures machines for producing hand-sewn soles. However, at ZAQQ, we did not let a challenge like this deter us. We went off happily searching for a suitable machine, all over Europe.

This was preceded by many months of frustration, attempting to sew the soles. Due to the strength of our leather, the needles kept breaking. We could not simply use a machine off the rack because we needed to be confident that the machine could handle both the unique construction of the ZAQQ barefoot shoes, and the very high quality 2 mm Hunting leather that we use.

We are pleased to tell you that we finally found a manufacturer in Italy who was able to modify a sole sewing machine according to our specifications. For our purposes, the machine required particularly delicate components, such as a movable horn, reinforcements for many of the moving components, and a flat head design. In addition, the compressed air connection of the machine needed to be optimised to allow enough power for sewing our ultra-endurable Hunting leather.

On Thursday, our brand-new dedicated machine for ZAQQ barefoot shoes finally made its way into our manufacturing plant, ready for extensive testing.

The advantage to you, the customer, is that going forward, our shoes with white soles will be sewn with white thread, and our shoes with black soles will be sewn with – you guessed it! – black thread.

Now that the best has become even better, your ZAQQ barefoot shoes are going to stand out as the highest quality shoes that you can possibly imagine.

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